1. bratak

    Solved Vaultwarden in Bastille jail - No HTTPS

    Hi all I'm still new to FreeBSD. But I torture my Home-Lab as much as I can, to learn as much as possible. I started learning about Jails.It's a great concept, and now I use Bastille to manage Jails and in general it works superb. Here's my new goal I set for myself: 1. Setup a FreeBSD server...
  2. treii28

    Need help with wireguard allowedip/pre/post settings

    I started playing with wireguard on a pfsense router to try to see if I could overcome a CG Nat on a hotspot I want to use when visiting my mother a couple hours from home. I stay in an RV when up there and have a couple of options for internet (cellular and local wifi) that I now connect to...
  3. O

    Ethernet adapter with RTL8111F chipset works on FreeBSD?

    Hi everyone, i'm new here and i wanna know if an ethernet adapter with RTL8111F chipset works on FreeBSD. i'm thinking in use this board:
  4. saeedpersa

    vmware VMXnet with FreeBSD 14

    Dear professionals: I have 8 VLANs on my ESXI with VMXnet I Installed FreeBSD 14 when I add 8 VLANs to the machine and turn it on, the lan network does not work. I heard that this BUG has been solved in FreeBSD 14 but it still has it.
  5. H

    [PfSense] CARP protocol since FreeBSD 14.0

    Hello there, I'm new in this forum, sorry if my message is not in the correct category. I'm using FreeBSD 14.0 with pfSense plus 23.05. I have 2 nodes (2 NetGate 7100 routers) in redundancy with CARP VIPs on several interfaces. One node is master called "RT1" and the other one in backup...
  6. U

    Need to Add a Network Driver to FreeBSD, how?

    I have a network card that is missing a driver in FreeBSD. From looking around what I need is in various stages of completion, and I can see some folks have gotten it working. Can someone share this driver with me, and how to get it installed? The thread below was 2 days ago. Or otherwise...
  7. L

    Problem with OPNSense/Unraid

    Hi, i tried to install OPNSense as a VM on Unraid. My network Card is detected correctly (as you can see on the screenshot) and i binded it to boot (vfio). It worked fine but after every restart of the VM only one or no NIC is detected. When i restart Unraid everything works fine and both NICS...
  8. S

    PPPoE from inside bhyve guest through VLAN

    My scenario: I'm building a home firewall/router on an Intel NUC. Host OS if FreeBSD 12.2 and I installed pfsense in a bhyve guest. I want to build a "router on a stick". I have a managed switch and plugged in my DSL modem into a vlan port. The NUC is connected to a trunk port. I created 2...
  9. nguyenphongmmo

    package "xorg, gnome3,..." (everything for desktop) not found

    I want to install desktop for freebsd but that is difficult. I can't find packages for the desktop. And I'm a newbie. Here are a few results of my command lines P/S: I using freeBSD 11.3-STABLE, And i use pfsense image. And pfsense is based on freeBSD. Then pffsense auto install freeBSD for me...
  10. F

    can't find portsnap command

    Hello everyone ! So I am new to FreeBSD and am really happy to get to use this OS and this is while trying to dive deeper in pfSense firewall things. I had a problem trying to install Composer for some PHP tests, I couldn't install it since the PHAR extension is missing from my system and the...
  11. A

    Other pfsense multiotp.php permission denied

    Hello Together I try to configure multiotp with freeradius 3 on my pfsense. The File "multiotp.php" is under " /usr/local/multiotp/multiotp.php". The command "chmod +x /usr/local/multiotp/multiotp.php" worked. Now i trying to run multiotp.php with: Path /usr/local/multiotp/ -> an then i run...
  12. V

    Create a FreeBSD SBS ( Small Business Server )

    Hello community! I thank this forum for all the info I had. For several months, I think about the idea of migrating the whole Windows architecture under FreeBSD, currently we have: ISP Modem / Router -Wireless Server Windows Server 2008R2 1 - File Sharing (1,7TB DATA) - Domain Controller (25...
  13. R

    Fibocom L850-GL

    Can you guys add support for it? That'd be great... it uses the Intel XMM 7360 LTE modem. I really want to use it in my pfSense build. I couldn't find it in the supported hardware list.
  14. M

    Dtrace does not work

    Hi, I want to get some specific I/O data from FreeBSD. IOStat command does not return what I want, so I think about using dtrace. The problem is that I am getting this error while executing dtrace command: [2.3.1-RELEASE][admin@machine]/usr/share/dtrace: dtrace -s iotime.d dtrace: failed to...
  15. A

    BXE 10Gb NIC Help

    I'm translating this over from the pfSense forum, since it appears to be more of an issue with FreeBSD. ( I have had my pfSense router working flawlessly for over 60 days now running 2.3.3 (FreeBSD 10.3). I tried to upgrade on several...
  16. G

    Solved Intel i-350 series card RX and TX descriptors

    Hello to everyone! This is my first post, so I will appreciate any feedback on the post itself. So first about the environment. I am using a SuperMicro C2758 box, which has SuperMicro AOC-SGP-I4 network card installed (two of them). The card itself is intel i-350 series chipset based. Software...
  17. N

    Looking for 1on1 help preferably in person (Toronto Area)

    Hello Everyone! I am a regular linux user of about 10 years. I am now looking to learn freeBSD. icsdhcp,gateways,ipsec and pf, ect. I am using vmware to create my network and finding that i read a doc on dhcp.conf and realize 1h later its for a version 2 years old and openBSD. I would like...
  18. saeedpersa

    cisco vs pfsense

    hello every one i want to know why we are better than cisco? tell me: I bought HP DL 60 G9 with Xeon 2603 v4 ,16GB Ram 1 SSD HDD 6 GIG LAN PORT and installed PF sense the last one. and also I can Upgrade it when ever I want. I can add RAM I can add second CPU and also upgrade my CPU I can add...
  19. S

    Redis does not start - FreeBSD 11.1 in Pfsense

    Greetings; Right from the start, readily admit I am new to FreeBSD and on the scale of technical ability, on a 1 to 10 I am probably a 2 :-) Installing Redis into FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE-p6 in a PFSense box. Installed using pkg install -y redis. It seems like all went well. Then I enabled the...
  20. V

    Solved FreeBSD Jails or bhyve hypervisor

    Hello community of freeBSD I have a project in mind to replace my windows server park. Currently I have a netgear as router and a Windows 2008 server that does AD and windows share. I have for idea to replace the netgear by PFSENSE and the active directory by samba4 for the domain controller...