1. byrnejb

    FreeBSD utility to open and fill pdf forms created in Adobe 8 +

    Government pdf forms requiring Adobe 8+ to read and fill are beginning to be distributed. What utilities exist on FreeBSd to handle these?
  2. byrnejb

    Batch pdf page numbering.

    I have a future requirement to consecutively page number a pdf document assembled from many individual pdf files. Is there something that runs on FreeBSD that will handle this? I need to be able to specify the location of the page number on the page. In other words 'centre bottom, 1/2" above...
  3. K

    Chromium on FreeBSD / creating PDF from Django template

    Hello guys, I am using django-hardcopy to create PDF from django template. Aplication was on heroku and i had to specifiy PATH_TO_CHROME. Everything was working on heroku with: PATH_TO_CHROME='/app/.apt/opt/google/chrome/chrome --headless --print-to-pdf --disable-gpu --no-sandbox' I had to...
  4. Sivan!

    Solved syntax to set environment variable

    In freebsd 13.1 with kde plasma5, a print command (no printer attached, the command is to print to a pdf) brings up the print to a pdf window without delay, but it takes a bit of time to load the preview and process print command. I found this kde thread that indicates that says I found...
  5. JozanOfAstora

    Solved Setting roff fonts

    Hi, I write documentation for my company in roff ms, compiled in pdf format. Are there some roff users knowing how to change the default font ? I am relatively new to using roff.
  6. K

    A terminal tool for PDF?

    Is there any terminal tool to merge two PDF files (or more) into a single one?
  7. J

    PDF Readers & Editors

    Which port(s) are you guys using for reading PDFs (viewer/reader) and editing PDFs? By editing I am mainly referring to "high-level tasks" such as moving, removing and adding pages.
  8. M

    Solved print/pdfarranger

    I was just wondering why there is no print/pdfarranger port for FreeBSD (since even OpenBSD has one): What I found on their GitHub issue tracker: Installation instructions for FreeBSD #381 BTW Since that one is a GTK3 GUI application, does anyone know of an equivalent that's using QT5 instead?
  9. M

    Shell Script for splitting PDF pages vertically, removing blank pages and white borders

    So I'm trying to process PDF documents containing shipping labels the following way: Each A4 page in landscape orientation contains two A5 shipping labels side by side, so simply split each A4 page vertically into two A5 pages. Remove any blank pages. Remove white borders from each page. I...
  10. V

    Solved PDF Editor on FreeBSD?

    Are there any good pdf editors here on FreeBSD? Doing pkg search pdf | grep editor yields nothing. I do not really need anything fancy, I just want to highlight and draw inside a PDF file.
  11. byrnejb


    I have a problem exporting as a pdf document a LibreOffice ( Writer document containing an inserted image. The image (a signature) is anchored to the paragraph immediately above it. There are two issues: 1. The image, when otherwise displayed in the pdf document correctly, has a...
  12. T

    Solved Libreoffice is exporting empty/blank PDFs, suspect locale problems

    I am trying to export a PDF and when I do, all I get is an empty white document. If I highlight the text yellow, I do see yellow output where the text should be, just no text. My locale is set to en_US.UTF-8 and my system also has Chinese fonts installed. I suspect that it has something to do...
  13. Nicola Mingotti

    How to print Man pages in colors ?

    Hi, I like to read man pages one the web in colors as in: https://www.freebsd.org/cgi/man.cgi I would like to have some of them in pdf, in colors as well. Is it possible? I tried to export them to pdf via browser but they don't come well formatted. I saw the option of exporting to "pdf" in...