Solved PDF Editor on FreeBSD?



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Are there any good pdf editors here on FreeBSD? Doing pkg search pdf | grep editor yields nothing. I do not really need anything fancy, I just want to highlight and draw inside a PDF file.



Most of them are bad. I tied to use one of them, and none worked out for me.



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For open source-based solutions, slim pickings at best. I did find Master PDF Editor but only used on Linux. It is functional for the most part (re-arranging pages and minor edits to contents). Install is of a binary blob and requires QT and other libraries installed. YMMV


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a binary blob

Does it work in Linuxulator?

% sysrc linux_enable ubuntu_unable
linux_enable: YES
sysrc: unknown variable 'ubuntu_unable'
% sysrc linux_enable ubuntu_enable
linux_enable: YES
ubuntu_enable: NO

I laughed at my own typo there.


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I can suggest you xournal or LibreOffice Draw.

The former probably does what you desire, my only issue with this software is that rasterizes the PDF when it time to export the PDF again with your notes...


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Possibly not a perfect solution but I find that I simply can't find a better PDF editor than Acrobat Pro 9.x (The best version before all that cloud bullsh*t was added).

So much so that I generally just spin up an offline Windows XP VM in VirtualBox just to use that program.

(Weirdly doing this often drags in less dependencies and feels less heavy than some of the native PDF viewers too. However if I only need to read PDFs (i.e compiled from LaTeX), then xpdf3 is pretty good.)



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Not native FreeBSD program but did You tried some Web PDF editor? For basic text insert highlighting and drawing there are at least one working pretty good.