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Which port(s) are you guys using for reading PDFs (viewer/reader) and editing PDFs?

By editing I am mainly referring to "high-level tasks" such as moving, removing and adding pages.



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If you are looking for an API to edit PDF documents, then I suggest using the PDF::Reuse module for perl.
I recommend that, because this is the only API, which I know and have worked with.



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print/pdftk gives a good command-line interface for manipulating PDFs (splitting, combining, etc.). There also appears to be a GUI called print/pdfchain that is a front end to pdftk, but I have never used it.

Although it is not free in any sense of the word and not specifically for FreeBSD, you can run the Linux version of Master PDF Editor using Linux emulation, you do need to install a bunch of extra rpms though, unfortunately. I've toyed with making a port, but I only run it on one machine since I need to purchase a license. It is excellent if you have to do a lot of PDF editing and annotating, and the only equivalent I have encountered is Acrobat, which isn't available on Linux or FreeBSD.



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I've seen some noise on the Internet that some vector graphics applications like Krita (or maybe it was something else, my info is a few months old) can do some editing of PDF's. There's plenty of readers, but editors are hard to come by. I'm interested in this, too, this will really help with ditching Windows. Oh, and scanning, too, while I'm at it (But that's for another topic).


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I tend to use xpdf. It is not the most functional but it seems to render things really nicely.
xpdf3 is motif too so doesn't drag in mess.

As for editing, I tend to just generate from pdflatex. Perhaps Acrobat Pro (older versions, 9, 10, 11) running in Wine could be an option. I sometimes have to fall back to that when I get sent PDF forms.


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I have the folowing executables beginning with pdf* in path:

pdf2dsc pdfdetach pdfseparate pdftocairo pdftosrc
pdf2ps pdffonts pdfsig pdftohtml pdftotext
pdfattach pdfimages pdftex pdftoppm pdfunite
pdfconcat pdfinfo pdftexi2dvi pdftops

Just install the packages I mentioned above and see the man pages.
I continously do such "editing".



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That is a bit of work and planning. yeah, it's possible to automate using a shell script - but somebody should probably write a KDE app for tasks like that - I don't have the skills for something like that, though.



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Okular is also fairly good for annotating.



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Atril - pdf viewer
Libreoffice - pdf edit

also I'm using PDFMerger (based on tcpdf) library to to merge files and/or generate some predefined documents (invoices etc...) and email them via cron for a long time