1. StreetDancer

    Solved Is there a Nagios that is 100% free without limitations in FreeBSD Ports?

    I am looking to monitor MariaDB and Apache server's (lot's of sub-domains and logs). Nagios appeared to be the solution; however when I contacted Nagios; it's a free trial on Nagios XI. The two ports I looked at here on FreeBSD are the following:
  2. P

    Nagios network traffic monitoring plugin for FreeBSD

    Is there a network traffic plugin for Nagios on FreeBSD? Something that can measure transit bytes rate and receive bytes rate?
  3. andrewm659

    Solved Nagios 4 install on 10.1

    I am getting this error when trying to start nagios 4. I'm not sure why it is complaining. I don't have this feature configured.... root@nagios4:/var/spool/nagios # cat nagios.log [1445542680] Error: Cannot open resource file '/usr/local/etc/nagios/resource.cfg' for reading! [1445542680]...
  4. W

    Strange Nagios problem

    I'm running 9.1-RELEASE and just installed Nagios because Zabbix has a bug and won't work correctly with my new version of PHP. I'm new to Nagios but not to FreeBSD, all my production stuff runs FreeBSD. Nagios is running fine except for two problems that are driving me crazy. First off, it is...