1. K

    FBSD in VM with Xfce, can't move the mouse cursor

    Hello, I am new to FreeBSD. I managed to install FBSD with Xfce and it works, except the mouse does not (I can see the cursor in the middle of the screen, but I cannot move it). I can open the terminal with ctrl + alt + T. I would appreciate if someone could help me.
  2. A

    Enable touchpad/mouse scrolling over ssh

    Overall objective: Enable touchpad scroll of nano over ssh from macOS Description: I've noticed that on macOS I can line up and down in nano using the touchpad/mouse. This is also possible over ssh when connected to Debian and NixOS machines, but when ssh'd into a FreeBSD machine I can not...
  3. R

    Solved KDE no longer responds to mouse clicks on desktop

    To close down KDE I normally right click on a blank area of the desktop and select 'Leave' but as from this morning KDE does not respond to right clicks on the desktop. The problem only affects the desktop, all windows and taskbar icons still respond normally to right clicks. One thing which...
  4. h0m3

    [bluetooth] hcc not listing any device

    Hello, I'm new to FreeBSD and I'm trying to install my bluetooth mice. Following the FreeBSD Handbook I run hccontrol -n ubt0hci inquiry and got only Inquiry complete. Status: No error [00] but no device is listed. I've double checked and my mouse is visible on my phone. When running service...
  5. B

    Solved MouseTrapper advanced not working

    So I have worked on trying to get FreeBSD up and running and trying to use it (trying to swap from linux), but I had a whole lot of trouble trying to get my MouseTrapper to work. I have at this point done: taken the usb out, and replugged it, reinstalled FreeBSD (once or twice) and now I have...
  6. A

    Solved Touchpad recognized as ps/2 mouse

    Hello folks! On laptop Asus X55A touchpad is recognised as ps/2 mouse. In general it is usable, but touchpad-specific options are unavailable ('tap-to-click', scrolling, etc). asus% freebsd-version 12.0-RELEASE asus% dmesg|grep psm psm0: <PS/2 Mouse> irq 12 on atkbdc0 psm0: [GIANT-LOCKED]...
  7. Nicola Mingotti

    Solved Sudden mouse movement change page in Web browsers

    Dear friends, I just installed FreeBSD 11.2 in a VirtualBox virtual machine, Windows 10 Host (new workplace => new computer) If I move the mouse switfly Up/Down or also Left/Right the browser change page and go back/farward in history. This happens with both browser Firefox and Chrome...
  8. White

    VMware guest: vmmouse vs. XkbLayout

    Hello, I try to setup a FreeBSD 11.2 with Openbox as a VMware Fusion guest but I struggle with the virtual mouse and the keyboard layout. Here are the commands I use: More specifically, the X11 configuration: Section...
  9. Y

    mouse and keyboard drivers are impracticable for office, media and gaming-usage

    I always have to workaround problems with new media- and gaming-keyboards or mouses. I can't run them well enough for office-usage or gaming. I can't configure my keyboard-illumination and no media-keys are working, special keys are also not running. Very similiar to mouses, the old mouse-driver...
  10. O

    FreeBSD 11.1 on 14-ak050nr (HP Chromebook 14 x64)

    Hay watch this! lol Okay, but seriously. I have butchered my Chromebook. It's not an ARM system, just to head that off. -I'm having a problem with my USB ports and mouse. -I wiped out the factory firmware and installed Coreboot. -I couldn't install FreeBSD from the memstick IMG or the ISO...
  11. Y

    Synergy, Virtualbox, Mousecursor-Polling

    I've installed Virtualbox to have USB-Drivers for my USB-Devices, did plug an old USB 1.1 Hub to my Computer to force my devices into USB 1.1 mode and pass them to my VM. Drivers and Devices are working fine so far. Next was i did set up Synergy within an Virtualbox-Machine(win 8.1) as a Server...
  12. geek

    FocalTech touchpad support?

    Hello. I got an ASUS X540YA that appears to have a FocalTech touchpad. I can only move the cursor and do left and right button clicks. Scrolling or middle click don't work on BSD out-of-the-box, but at least scrolling does work on Linux. Does support for FocalTech touchpads exist on FreeBSD...

    bhyve with errors (11.0-RELEASE)

    When I run bhyve (FreeBSD guests) the following errors occured. bhyve -c 1 -m 1G -A -H -P -s 0:0,hostbridge -s 1:0,virtio-net,tap0 -s 2:0,virtio-blk,/data/vm.img -s 31,lpc -l com1,/dev/nmdm0A vm Unhandled ps2 mouse command 0xe1 Durng vm boot. module_register_init: MOD_LOAD (vesa...
  14. J

    Mouse buttons crashes on KDE

    Good afternoon, I am using FreeBSD 10.2 as my second desktop operating system and I have found some mouse problem in KDE4. Everything works ok after boot, but in several minutes (sometimes in 5 minutes after boot, sometimes it works well for several hours and it crashes after that) mouse...
  15. Y

    Mouse(touchpad) works and does not work

    I have a strange problem. On 10.3 I have setup touchpad as explained here: 1- It works fine if I start X by typing 'startxfce4' but I have 'slim' installed and after boot, at login screen touchpad doesnt work. Any ideas? 2- The other problem is I...
  16. M

    mouse wheel strange behavior with firefox

    Hi All I have FreeBSD 10.3 installed in VirtualBox with MATE on Linux mint. When I browse Firefox and scroll up to the top of a page with mouse wheel I get back to the previous page. I tried some mouse configuration on xorg.conf the problem still. Here the configuration I found on some...
  17. M

    Mouse pointer not visible in X

    I have recently installed FreeBSD 10.2-RELEASE-p7. My USB connected Logitech 5 button mouse ML235 works in the console without issues (select & paste works). In TWM the mouse appears to operate in all respects (e.g. navigate drop down menus, switching mouse focus) except that the mouse pointer...
  18. beastDemian

    FreeBSD-CURRENT - Mouse not detected

    I wasn't sure if this thread belonged here or in the "development" section, but since it concerns the installation of FreeBSD I might as well post it here. Feel free to move it to the appropiate section. A few days ago I installed a snapshot of 11-CURRENT in order to test the new i915 driver...
  19. knn

    Mouse doesn't work

    I installed FreeBSD 10.2. pkg install xorg pkg install xfce startxfce4 but my mouse doesn't work. What should I do? I'm trying to learn FreeBSD but fifth step I encounter a problem :) thanks
  20. S

    System stops responding and repeats a message about the mouse

    I'm running FreeBSD 10.2 with all latest updates in core and ports. I'm using the stock kernel. I connected two USB 3 external HDDs (to USB 2 ports) and used a rsync to sync the data from one drive (UFS) to the other (NTFS). I let it run the whole night. When I woke up I couldn't ssh...