1. BaronBS

    general/other virt-host-validate don't recognize if_tap module

    I want to tryout virt-manager with bhyve. But it doesn't recognize the if_tap module. {beastie} @ FreeBaSeD-T430 > /home/beastie → kldstat -v | grep if 398 if_lo 402 if_vlan 401 if_tap 400 if_tun 399 if_tuntap 397 if_gif 99...
  2. ziomario

    kld_list="i915kms" does not stick on /etc/rc.conf at all.

    Hello. I've added this parameter to /etc/rc.conf : kld_list="i915kms" adding it on the rc.conf file should make the setting permanently,right ? But why,everytime I reboot the PC and I come back to FreeBSD,I should write "kldload i915kms",otherwise Xorg does not start,causing the error...
  3. M

    Where are all these ko files coming from?

    I built a custom kernel stripping every device entry I didn't find relevant in a copy of the GENERIC conf file. From uname -a, it seems my custom kernel loaded, but in the /boot/kernel directory there are still a gazillion ko files. I thought there was a one to one relationship between these and...
  4. V

    Multi user = stuck at logo. Single user = kernel panic

    tl;dr I added 'snd_driver_load="YES"' and now I am stuck at freebsd logo with loud fans. I haven't been able to get audio to work on my new FreeBSD 13-CURRENT install. I had basically tried everything, reconnected everything and pressed every google, bsd forum and bug tracker link and done...
  5. L

    dtrace 'Module is no longer loaded'.

    [root@freebsd_pc ~]# uname -a FreeBSD freebsd_pc 10.3-RELEASE-p18 FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE-p18 #0: Tue Apr 11 10:31:00 UTC 2017 amd64 dtrace keeps giving me this error no matter which arguments I give it: [root@freebsd_pc ~]#...
  6. JBlake

    Blacklist kernel module ?

    Hello, I've some troubles with Bluetooth module ng_ubt on FreeBSD 10.3 . It is automatically loaded at boot, despite ng_ubt_load="NO" put in /boot/loader.conf. Even if I manually unload with kldunload ng_ubt it reloads itself back(?!), as shown by kldstat. This module turns on bluetooth device...
  7. Bill Evans at Mariposa

    The cost of loading an unneeded module

    If, to keep my scripts simple, I load a module that I might not use, and I end up not using it until I reboot the machine later, what has the unnecessary module loading cost me? I'm thinking of the linux module, but I don't that that's relevant.