1. dnb

    MATE Mate makes default Emacs background gray

    Emacs background with default theme looks gray but not white, as it should (look at the attached screenshot). I've also tried KDE5, xmonad, sway and hyprland (all on FreeBSD), and everywhere my Emacs looks white as snow. Most likely, this problem exists in Emacs + Mate in other operating systems...
  2. Voltaire

    MATE MATE performs remarkably poorly in benchmarks

    Here's a benchmark I did today that compares desktop and WM graphics performance in Motionmark 1.2: Mate desktop: PeKWM window manager: dwm window manager...
  3. D

    Solved MATE desktop won't load, stalls, no menu bars, etc.

    Just did a fresh install of FreeBSD v.13.1 RELEASE amd64. Went through my normal routine (known to work from recent loads), installed MATE desktop. Reboot, loads lightdm, log in, attempts to load MATE for first time, but shows only the MATE desktop background and seems to stall. No menu bars...
  4. Happy Day

    How to install FreeBSD 13.1 Mate with Nvidia 515.57 ?

    Hello BSD Community. I am currently trying to install FreeBSD Mate on a Linux with Virtualbox. I am currently testing if my wishes can be fulfilled in FreeBSD. My ultimate goal should be a complete switch from Linux to FreeBSD Mate or KDE. My priority number one is first the available software...
  5. RustLang

    MATE MATE Desktop Environment Is Laggy

    Hi! I installed FreeBSD and everything was great until i install MATE... MATE and Firefox is so laggy and this is so uncomfortable, but when I switch to DWM, everything is great and there is no lag occuring. I thought i happens due to OpenGL, because Alacritty throws error like this...
  6. Alain De Vos

    deskutils/mozo build failure

    The error log is [00:00:47] Byte-compiling python modules... [00:00:47] [00:00:47] Byte-compiling python modules (optimized versions) ... [00:00:47] [00:00:47] gmake[3]: Leaving directory '/wrkdirs/usr/ports/deskutils/mozo/work/mozo-1.24.1/Mozo' [00:00:47] gmake[2]: Leaving...
  7. Alain De Vos

    deskutils/gucharmap build failure

    The error log is [00:00:59] INFO: Reading ./gucharmap-marshal.list... [00:00:59] XMLLINT=xmllint /usr/local/bin/glib-compile-resources --target=gucharmap-resources.c \ [00:00:59] --sourcedir=. --generate --c-name gucharmap gucharmap.gresource.xml [00:00:59] XMLLINT=xmllint...
  8. I

    Xorg and KDE does not work on FreeBSD 13, but GhostBSD works. So, what are the relevant config files?

    I'm trying to get KDE up and running on FreeBSD 13 on a laptop PC. I could not even configure Xorg to run and it seems like the hardware cannot be recognized. So, I downloaded GhostBSD (both the default MATE and Xfce versions) and it works out of the box. I am now trying to figure out what...
  9. S

    MATE Compton transparency issue.

    So I installed mate DE and compton, but whenever I bring up a terminal I get this weird transparent after on all of my open windows. example in the file I attached.
  10. B

    MATE .core files in home (keyring, marco, ...)

    Hi everyone, this has been bugging me for several releases now. My Mate installation creates .core files in my home directory, even though I shut it down normally, I get no error messages and no bad behaviour. I understand that I can silence the whole mechanism by following...
  11. gwr

    Want a GUI -- most "how to" search results poor/wrong

    I've been away from the various *BSD for a while but decided I wanted to try some development work in FreeBSD. I'd like to do that dev. work in a desktop installation running as a guest under VMware Fusion (on MacOS). So I downloaded 12.2 and installed in a new VM. Installation went mostly OK...
  12. P

    MATE Unable to get Mate running

    Hi, I tried to get Mate Desktop running. Once the Slim login screen is displayed and after having entered the username ( the user, not root) and password ,I received the following error message: “failed to execute login command” Initially, I didn’t add the xinitrc file with the line “exec...
  13. D

    uxterm issues after upgrades

    My uxterm instances work well at first, but after some time, pressing underscore gets yields ;2;126~ and tilde yields ;2;95~. This happened after upgrade two machines to 12.2-RELEASE within the past two weeks. I also upgraded all the packages as well, so that adds some complication. One machine...
  14. K

    Terminal refresh problems

    Fellow FreeBSD users, I'm using FreeBSD 12.1 RELEASE GENERIC. Under X when I type a command on the last line of a terminal, I often don't get any output. When I generate an event which triggers a refresh, the output finally appears, so I know it was there to start with. For example, if I...
  15. `Orum

    Solved mate-session issue with DBus?

    I'm trying to get lightdm to start mate, but every time I log in I see two error boxes pop up, and then get kicked back to the login screen. More detail is given on the console: Feb 19 11:22:50 dkpc mate-session[94678]: WARNING: Could not make bus activated clients aware of DISPLAY=:0...
  16. U

    MATE Why does Mate system menu not have the Shutdown and Restart items?

    Is there a reason I have to log out in order to restart? Or do any packages need to be installed in order for these items to appear?
  17. V

    [SLIM + MATE with UEFI] SLIM starts but nothing on screen ?

    Greetings everyone, I'm a GNU/Linux user (Fedora), and I just wanted to give FreeBSD a try with a Virtual MAchine (VBox). First I tried to install FreeBSD with BIOS mode and slim and MATE desktop according to this guide :
  18. P

    d-bus error with MATE and Cinnamon

    Hello I've installed MATE (the meta port) along with the dependencies ( etc) but I am unable to get it to start via exec mate-session and I get the following error: And I have everything setup according to this page. I did get a message after the installation (via pkg) of MATE was...
  19. S

    MATE Shutdown/Reboot button missing

    Since the last upgrade to MATE (I use packages - not ports) on my FreeBSD 11.1 desktop, the Shutdown/Reboot option under the System menu has gone missing. If I login as root the menu item appears as expected. I do not see the menu item when I am logged in as a regular system user, who is also...
  20. B

    MATE keyboard stuck on 'en' layout when applet indicates 'fr' layout

    On FreeBSD 11 with MATE 1.12.1, I'm trying to get a French keyboard layout to type an email in Thunderbird. The keyboard is a Logitech K120 (English). I used the Layouts tab of the 'Keyboard Preferences' window (either system-->preferences-->hardware-->keyboard or system-->control...