login problem

  1. freezr

    Solved [HELP] Running commands after login (Fish Shell)

    Hi folks, I am sorry for this noob question, but I am pretty novice to FreeBSD and I couldn't find a clear answer but another thread on this same forum, also I guess cross-posting is forbidden. From that post I read that is recommended modifying a file called ".login". I did the changes but...
  2. F

    Solved Login Lockout

    I recently just deleted some files from my users home directory and now right after doing that I cannot login with xdm. The files were .ICEauthority, .login, .login_conf, .profile, and .Xauthority. Will anyone confirm that deleting these files was my problem? (I looked at the contents from a...
  3. S

    How do I set the GNOME 3 login screen (aka GDM greeter) keyboard language to German?

    Hello! I consider myself an absolute beginner as far as FreeBSD and GNOME 3 is concerned; still - during the last few days - I managed to get FreeBSD 12.1 (amd64) up and running in a 32-bit VirtualBox on Windows 10 32-bit. I even managed to install GNOME 3 (3.28.4) on top of the basic FreeBSD...
  4. T

    I have error freebsd to login

    hello y try to login in my freebsd but when i put Login : as "root"and the passwd it says " Login incorrect" i try to change passwd by "single user" but after using /sbin/mount -u / and then "passwd" its says me #passwd : who are you? when i use " Whoami" its say i also try to use fsck -y and...
  5. O

    Solved [slim|xfce] login "loop" issue

    Hello there, I have just installed FreeBSD 11 on my old Acer Extensa 5220 Notebook from DVD. After setting up Xorg, xfce and slim, the login manager shows up, asking me for user and password. Up to here, everything works as expected, but..: No matter if I try to login as root or with my normal...
  6. G

    FreeBSD 11 hangs on rpi-B

    Hello, I am running the official FreeBSD 11 image on a Raspberry pi B and most of the things seem to work but I had a problem twice recently. My configuration: rpi-b with two externally powered USB disks, connected to my home LAN via ethernet. I also have a screen and a keyboard attached...
  7. G

    Connecting to LAN Computers

    I moved this post from an another chain. I have now connected the FreeBSD computer to the internet via Ethernet. I managed to assign it a static IP address via my gateway and the FreeBSD computer has successfully pinged the gateway......feeling good. My windows computer on the same LAN is...
  8. U

    Auto-run process doesn't allow to login

    I has created startup script of launching java application. When OS is loading this app occupies the terminal and doesn't allow to login. I cant use OS after that. Alt+f1-8 doesn't work. I have a FreeBSD 11 only with root user and I don't need ssh access. Starting app as a daemon is not good...