1. Sparkee

    Solved /var/log/messages is not updating

    On one of my servers /var/log/messages stopped updating a few months ago. % ll /var/log/messages* -rw-r--r-- 1 root wheel 71B Jan 1 2022 /var/log/messages -rw-r--r-- 1 root wheel 24K Jan 1 2022 /var/log/messages.0.bz2 % freebsd-version -ku 12.3-RELEASE-p1 12.3-RELEASE-p2 File...
  2. B

    Solved Samba flood log entries in console

    Hi, I have a new FreeBSD 13 installation together with Samba 4 in place. During the boot time, without login and with login status, Samba placed event entries in the console instead only in log files. How can I avoid this behavior?
  3. gotnull

    Solved pkg Log

    Hi, A new guy to FreeBSD world here well I could just say to the BSD world :/ So I've installed FreeBSD-13.0-RC1 and I use it since then, I've upgraded it and now I am on RC3, no problem so far. Well of course not everything is setup as I would like yet but I am working on it but before going...
  4. M

    ZFS LOG device on an encrypted pool = single point of failure? Can't unlock pool anymore after loosing SLOG...

    Hi, I am running TrueNAS 12 on my server and had some issues with data corruption recently which caused me to temporarily remove my Intel Optane from my server. After finding out the issues were caused by a broken CPU, I replaced the CPU and wanted to re-include my Intel Optane. But something...
  5. J

    Solved Log file rotation by size and time

    Logfile rotation, which is handled by newsyslog, can be done based on 1) max size of file, 2) at certain time. My questions is: how does it work when both the conditions are specified? I'd expect it'll rotate when any one condition is met. Is that correct? But for example, in my newsyslog.conf...
  6. C

    No log after crash

    Hello, I'm on FreeBSD 12, on a SuperMicro JBOD. We had a crash this morning and we found that after the server reboot we had lost all logs. Nothing in /var/crash..... Is there a way to prevent this behaviour? Thank you for your answer Chris
  7. G

    FreeBSD printing logmsg in cycle

    my mistake probably overload system. I configured syslog client (maybe server too). After boot on console in cycle printing "logmsg: pri 2, flags 17, from Device". How I must solve this problem? Thank so much
  8. erikw

    Shell znp: Wrap dangerous shell command in ZFS pre-post snapshots and log outputs

    EHLO, I just wanted to share a small but handy script with the community, as I think more people than me could find it useful! Use Case: You have some dangerous command which could alter your system in a bad way, e.g.: $ pkg upgrade $ portmaster -a $ some_cmd --force --overwrite...
  9. D

    Other Script for deleting Logs in the log folder

    Hi guys I need all of your help, Iam looking for a script for Cron, which can I use for automising the purifing of the DNS-logs in the log folder of my companies freebsd DNS server. Iam new to Freebsd coming from linux so please have some indulgence with me. :)
  10. blodan

    HOWTO: Stop nginx + php-fpm from truncating your stack trace/error message

    This one took me quite a while to figure out so hopefully someone will have use of this post. As you are here, you have probably already figured out that your stack traces/error messages are being truncated at 1024 characters/bytes and that the nginx recompile solution out there does not help...
  11. abdelilah

    Solved newsyslog delayed compression

    Hello everyone, How can I achieved delayed compression like the one existing in logrotate, here is my config (I did not find this in the man) : /var/log/apache24/httpd-access.log 644 52 * @T04 J /var/run/httpd.pid 30 I wish to delay the compression by one day : - Current log. - Rotated...
  12. sidetone

    Howto contribute improvements to FreeBSD

    FreeBSD Mailing Lists: To send an email to the FreeBSD mailing list, make sure your email is sent in plain text, as HTML and attachments are filtered out. A subscription is not required, but it will have to be moderated. If you're having problems sending to the mailing list, please test your...
  13. J

    PF I can't log the blocked packets

    I'm trying to set up a pf firewall. I'd like to log all the dropped packets. Here's my pf.conf so far: tcp_internet_out="{53, 80, 443, 123}" udp_internet_out="{53}" block log all pass in quick on lo0 pass out quick on lo0 pass in quick on re0 inet proto tcp from any to (re0) port 22 pass out...