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A new guy to FreeBSD world here well I could just say to the BSD world :/
So I've installed FreeBSD-13.0-RC1 and I use it since then, I've upgraded it and now I am on RC3, no problem so far.
Well of course not everything is setup as I would like yet but I am working on it but before going further I really need to find a way to get pkg log.
When packages are installed there are some messages displayed that I would like to read again but I didn't find in the Handbook the way to do it, I am sure it exists but I missed it.
Could you point me somewhere into the doc, a thread or something else where it's explained because I can't figure out myself.
Thank you :)

I tried to fix my bad english, sorry
Welcome among the disciples of the yea free BeaSD. Be patient, it takes some time to complete the puzzle. The advantage is that you gain a fairly good understanding of how the pieces fit together.

Not related to the issue: it is commonly accepted policy to keep loader.conf(5) as minimal as possible, i.e. load only kernel modules that are needed to boot the BeaSD, and set only those sysctl(8) knobs that can't be set @runtime.

Standard disclaimer:
  • install the docs: pkg install {de,en}-freebsd-doc, replace de with your native tongue, and point your favorite browser to /usr/local/share/doc/freebsd.
  • You may want to add message: "query '[%C/%n] %M'", to the ALIAS section of /usr/local/etc/pkg.conf, then read through all pkg message|less and apply the requested settings.
  • Instead of less(1), you may find sysutils/most more user-friendly. Beginners will prefer edit(1) (ee(1)), editors/aee or editors/nano over the old-school, UNIX'ish vi(1) (wizzard's choice).
  • The utilities sysutils/psearch or sysutils/portfind will help you to find available software in the ports(7) tree.
  • Some nice small utilities are self-contained in the ports(7) tree (most under sysutils) and are not available as packages.
  • If you mix self-built ports(7) & packages, adjust both to use the same version (quarterly vs. latest): see /etc/pkg/FreeBSD.conf & portsnap(8) is locked to latest & can not use the quarterly ports tree branch. Read the Handbook how to get the quarterly ports tree.
  • ports-mgmt/octopkg is a user-friendly graphical frontend to the pkg-ng package manager. It uses the Qt toolkit and runs on every GUI. AFAIK there is no Gtk-based counterpart.
  • Use sysrc(8) to safely edit system rc(8) files instead of editing rc.conf(5). It does some checks to prevent typos, and allows for advanced tricks like sudo sysrc moused_flags+=" -l 2" (note the space).

Only the OP can set the thread to "solved". On the very 1st post, click "..." -> "edit thread" -> "prefix: solved".

P.S.: There is no pkg log (or history) subcommand, analogous to zpool history. Feel free to kindly ask for it through a qualified bug report.
Emrion Ha yes of course thank you!
Now I do remember that I already saw this option and I remember exactly what I thought: "nah it can't be this because it doesn't cover all packages at once it must exists something somewhere else that I didn't see yet", and since that moment I totally forget about it because I didn't want to process the task package by package .

SirDice now with what you point out it changes everything !
Thank you it is exactly what I was looking for :)

Snurg That's a good one!!
I'll keep it in my "~/bin" for sure , thank you ;)

Mjölnir Thank you for your welcome :)
All good advice noted for later, there are few things that I would like to ask, but as the main question is already answered I'll keep that for another thread.
Agree with you it's a long and slow process to get things settled, lot of reading must be done.

I confess been lurking around the Freebsd forum for at least 2 years just to watch when my graphic card (which is a rx vega 64) would be supported. Now that FBSD13 is almost ready here I am trying things out.
Thanks for your help guys, greatly appreciated.
The problem is solved now :)