1. M

    Changing the runtime gid of the rtld linker

    I am looking for a way to change the gid of the dynamic linker while it is reading shared objects from the filesystem. For context, my goal is to create an environment where an unprivileged user can not read/analyze ELF files but can still execute them. This can be easily implemented for ELF...
  2. F

    jails Jail with newer version (13.2) than host system (13.1)?

    I am running a system with TrueNAS-13.0-U6.1, which currently is the most recent release. This is based on FreeBSD 13.1 (which is EOL): # uname -a FreeBSD 13.1-RELEASE-p9 FreeBSD 13.1-RELEASE-p9 n245429-296d095698e TRUENAS amd64 This is a bit of a shame (it tends to happen...
  3. B

    Config for the wireguard service kernel module based

    Hi all! Is it possible to load the wg-interface configuration through a setting in rc.conf without using the devd hook? On FreeBSD v.14 my wireguard service run under that config: # cat /boot/loader.conf | grep wg if_wg_load="YES" # # cat /etc/rc.conf | grep wg cloned_interfaces="wg"...
  4. Farhan Khan

    Using ddb to print softc variables

    Hi all, Somewhere in my code the member of a struct is changed but I can't seem to find where. I want to use ddb's watch feature but can't figure out how to pinpoint a memory address. I cam find the softc address via 'show all devices', but i cannot figure out how to print the equivalent of...
  5. WhatTheHell

    Solved "Mounting from ufs:/dev/da0s1a failed with error 19. " after using the new kernel

    I've compile the kernel with this conf in vmware workstation, [root@FreeBSD14 ~]# cat SEC cpu HAMMER device acpi device aesni # AES-NI OpenCrypto module device bpf # Berkeley packet filter device ch...
  6. N

    Solved Disabling crypto and aesni support in kernel cause make to fail

    Hi. I made a custom kernel by copying GENERIC to a new file called MYKERNEL and I built kernel with KERNCONF=MYKERNEL. My problem is when i commented out those two lines below, make buildkernel command fails with errors. If I don't comment out these lines, make doesn't fail. I would want to know...
  7. C

    Setting up a bhyve vm for kernel development and debugging

    I recently set up a bhyve vm on my workstation for kernel development and figured others might be able to make use of my notes as well, because it's really quite easy. VM setup Download a FreeBSD disk image, i.e. 13.2-RELEASE if you're running 13.2. This version should match whatever kernel...
  8. I

    There appears to be a "hidden" kernel panic somewhere during the shutdown/reboot process??

    I've done some updates to my packages and recently upgraded from 13.2-p3 to p4 and noticed that when I reboot or turn on from a cold boot, savecore saves a core dump for some reason. The system appears perfectly normal the rest of the time; it has no apparent panic during the...
  9. C

    Solved Help with locally built stable kernel not finding zfs root

    Hi, I have installed FreeBSD on an amd64 laptop, and the only issue with it is an apparently long-standing bug in support for eMMC storage (, which I would like to investigate. But I'm stuck even getting an unmodified but locally...
  10. imgoby

    How to create iso image file after compiling the kernel source code.

    If the kernel source code is compiled, how can I create an image? I want to try, but I can't find a way. Has anyone given a response.
  11. BaronBS

    Solved Poudriere and custom kernels

    Guys, good evening folks. My setup is: I build world and kernel (Generic) on my host and I use poudriere to build all ports that I use (around 1200). I want to play with the Kernel configuration and build a custom kernel for my T430. For now I don't want to put any port module inside the...
  12. GoNeFast_01

    Compiling Kernel Debugging and Know-Hows.

    I was having the known problem with Text Console using CTRL + ALT + F1-F8 bug of tearing / square pixelated screens. I am currently still trying/testing with some options in /boot/loader.conf file to see if I can fix this issue of the tearing with Nvidia drivers 510.60.2. Similar to...
  13. L

    FreeBSD kernel change to NetBSD kernel

    As stated in the title, I would like to change the kernel of my Unix build from FreeBSD to NetBSD, as I prefer the philosophy of the rump kernel to that of a monolithic, but prefer the lexicography and semantics of FreeBSD's system applications. The current build is FreeBSD, with only sudo...
  14. alfa

    FreeBSD 14.0 Current Lock order reversal kernel message bpf.c iflib.c

    Hi, I am currently testing FreeBSD 14.0 Current FreeBSD alfadev 14.0-CURRENT FreeBSD 14.0-CURRENT #1: Fri Sep 30 11:55:56 +03 2022 When machine has started I am getting Lock order reversal messages from kernel : Oct 1 10:24:17 alfa kernel: em1: link state changed to DOWN Oct 1 10:24:18...
  15. spmzt

    What is the name of fortuna's kernel process?

    Hi, Historically yarrow algorithm had a kernel process with the name of yarrow. But after replacing it with Fortuna, the kernel process disappears. What is the name of the new kernel process of Fortuna's algorithm in the permanent kernel processes?
  16. kr0m

    Howto update system with custom kernel

    Hello, i have a question about FreeBSD updates when using freebsd-update tool when you are running a custom kernel, in the documentation i can read: When i compile my custom kernel, the GENERIC ends in /boot/kernel.old directory, i could copy to /boot/GENERIC to mantain a copy the first time...
  17. Farhan Khan

    Understanding USB callback + assertion panic

    Hi all, I am trying to understand how FreeBSD's USB subsystem works and appear to be running into a kernel panic due to a failed assertion that I do not understand. the assertion in question is /usr/src/sys/dev/usb/usb_transfer.c:1954. My understanding is that you first configure...
  18. M

    Smallest possible use case for a FreeBSD kernel

    I know that FreeBSD distributes a generic kernel to support as many possible devices as possible. I also know I can compile my own target kernel with only my devices. What I would like to know is how small the kernel can get in theory before you start losing any serious functionality. Could it...
  19. devtop

    Is it possible to have a minimal source tree?

    I'm currently working on a embedded project, and i'm trying to understand if it's possible to have a small /usr/src tree. This source tree only has to contain the FreeBSD bootloader, kernel, kernel-modules, because the embedded application will replace /sbin/init. So is is possible to have a...
  20. A

    Kernel driver code which honored FDT variable

    I wrote a couple of kernel drivers for GPIO devices which code uses a conditional inclusion based on an FDT flag. I use it for a device definition using either FDT overlays or a device.hints file. #ifdef FDT if ((err = rcrecv_fdt_setup_pin(sc)) == 0) rcrecv_fdt_get_params(sc); #else...