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  1. Sivan!

    Zoom video doesn't work for the past few days in Chromium and Iridium

    In Chromium 101 YouTube works fine, audio works without issues, but Zoom, for the past few days, does not display videos, though audio is fine. I installed Iriudium, zoom has the same issues. How would I troubleshoot this? I have freebsd 13.0 Release 11.0 with Kde plasma. Thank you.
  2. grahamperrin

    KDE Plasma: ☑ Raise maximum volume

    ☑ Raise maximum volume Before I make a bug report: does this feature work for anyone? I can drag to visually raise the volume above 100%: – however there's no audible increase, and when I cease dragging the slider, it bounces back to the left, to the 100% mark.
  3. D

    KDE file dialog for non-KDE applications

    Continuing from this post, are there KDE-Plasma users here who have managed to get non-KDE applications to use native KDE file dialog? I can not do without Firefox and Libreoffice and both these applications currently use a different file dialog of its own. I have tried...
  4. grahamperrin

    xterm window resizing and content

    After repeatedly resizing an xterm window, some of its content did not redraw: I guess, one of the sizes (before the screenshot) was too narrow. Is the redraw issue to be expected? x11/xterm % pkg info -x xterm xterm-370 % uname -KU 1400048 1400048 % (I normally use Konsole, but don't...
  5. Abraham79

    No sound and video after upgrading to Gnome-41. Many /dev/dsp4.x files created in Gnome session

    Firstly, I got sound and video working fine in FreeBSD before upgrading to Gnome-4X versions. As a desperate attempt, I switched to KDE Plasma now and sound, video working fine. But, I would prefer to get Gnome-41 with audio working. So, right now in Gnome-41 - no audio working. I would like...
  6. L

    Problem with Fonts in LibreOffice

    Hello. I'm running FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE, KDE Plasma, and LibreOffice I'm having a problem getting LibreOffice to recognize the fonts that came with the urwfonts package that I installed. I followed the instructions in the FreeBSD Handbook; while the fonts show up in Qt...
  7. grahamperrin

    FreeBSD-13.0-RELEASE-amd64-KDE-Plasma (2021-06-23)

  8. grahamperrin

    Solved FreeBSD-13.0-RELEASE-amd64-KDE-Plasma (2021-05-22)

    Spun off from <https://forums.FreeBSD.org/threads/freebsd-kommunity-edition.78594/post-513391>, thanks in particular to: Mjölnir for beginning the discussion Samuel Venable for creating the disk image. General comments and questions hald_enable="YES" can be removed from /etc/rc.conf – HAL...