1. M

    Other diagnose iSCSI connected drive

    Hi guys, I have an older Synology DiskStation, which I had been using as an iSCSI LUN Then from the server the iSCSI connection works, but the disk cannot be mounted. mount # mount /dev/da0 /mnt mount: /dev/da0: No such file or directory da0 is not part of any zpool and does not contain a...
  2. R

    Other iSER module not present.

    I am trying to use the iser module as detailed in the man page's alternative method to building the kernel. I've checked both FreeBSD 11/12 and I cannot locate the module. Is there really a iSER module for FreeBSD?
  3. tbyte

    Other FreeBSD iSCSI iSER Target

    I dug around for an hour but what I found so far is that iSER is only supported in the initiator. And even for the initiator I need to recompile the kernel because the module seems to not be compiled in the distribution and as far as I read it needs "option OFED" (is it such a performance hit...
  4. Brian Kidney

    Other Constant "iSCSI Session is restarted" using isboot-kmod

    I have been able to successfully boot FreeBSD 10.4 over iSCSi using net/isboot-kmod. However, once booted I continuously get the following message. iSCSI session is restarted This leaves me with an unstable system as random filesystem accesses will hang on zio->io_cv. Once this happens, the...
  5. M

    ZFS too many errors on disk

    Hello, we use a Supermicro server running FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE to provide iSCSI devices based on zvol's for VMware. The server has one zpool of 6 vdev raidz2 with 6 SATA disks in each, the server has HBA LSI 9300-8i installed. Periodically, the problem arises that the pool goes into DEGRADED...
  6. zeroschism

    ZFS High system CPU as iscsi storage for VMware

    We are using a Freebsd 11.0-RELEASE-p9 server as an iSCSI storage backend for a vmWare ESXi 6 cluster. The server is a Dell PowerEdge R620 with an attached md1220 disk enclosure full of SSDs. Those SSDs are setup in mirrored vdevs and a zvol shared over iSCSI with vmWare which has it formatted...
  7. C

    ZFS Kernel panic after upgrading to 11.1

    Hello FreeBSD forum! I have a backup solution for some Windows Servers backed by some iSCSI zfs zvols I use ctld/ctladm to provision the disks to Windows, and I'm using: option pblocksize 0 option unmap on on ctld.conf. The FreeBSD box was originally a 11.0, after upgrading to...
  8. Sir Wuffleton

    Solved Can FreeBSD Serve Tape Drives as iSCSI Targets?

    Some background on my environment and use case: I would like to share my LTO5 tape drive via iSCSI with a server that will be doing backups to tape, but having the tape drive in a more convenient location to switch out tapes. The FreeBSD box is running pfSense and acting as a router (however, I...
  9. n9010

    Other iSCSI Multipath

    Hi I was looking for some info about iSCSI, does it support multipath on a FreeBSD? I have found only really old discussions about that, and all were.. unoptimistic. Does somebody have tested it with FreeBSD 10.3 RELEASE? Thanks!
  10. Allan

    Other iSCSI Mount Points at Boot

    I am fairly new to FreeBSD having made the switch based on a really good experience breathing new life into an Xserve G4 with FreeBSD 10.2. So, I decided to switch out from CentOS Linux to FreeBSD on my dev server. I was able to get everything up and running with no problem. I followed the...
  11. olav

    What is the state of iSCSI stability & performance today?

    Hello everyone! Have anyone tried the new iSCSI target code that came with FreeBSD 10? Is it working and performing well? I have a plan to run a replicated Microsoft SQL Server on a iSCSI LUN hosted by ZFS over 10GbE, my primary goal is to take a consistent "backup/snapshot" of the database...
  12. C

    ZFS zvol iSCSI: what functions can I turn off safely?

    I have a server running FreeBSD 10.2 and a iSCSI client running FreeBSD 10.2. The server serves one zvol over iSCSI to the client looking like this: anders@aasennas:~ % zfs get all yoda/iscsi/win1 NAME PROPERTY VALUE SOURCE yoda/iscsi/win1 type volume - yoda/iscsi/win1 creation Sat Sep...
  13. grep2grok

    Other iSCSI transfer: 12 TB job, 24 TB down, 10 TB up. How's that work?

    I set up a 16 TB zfs pool (vdevs are all 2x mirrors) to create a "life preserver" array for a colleague who needed iSCSI storage for his 12TB life's work online in a matter of weeks. I see there are different phases to an iSCSI transfer, but I don't see how anything the target would normally...