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I dug around for an hour but what I found so far is that iSER is only supported in the initiator. And even for the initiator I need to recompile the kernel because the module seems to not be compiled in the distribution and as far as I read it needs "option OFED" (is it such a performance hit and can't it be made into a module ? ).
So my question is - am I reading it right and it's only for the initiator or there is some option somewhere that I'm missing ? And if it's not supported should I just switch to Linux if the probability for support of iSER target is not planed in the near future ?
And btw what is the state of RDMA/RoCE in FreeBSD ?

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Yeah I just wondering too, now I'm using Solaris instead of FreeBSD because of lack iSER support, so I'm just curious about work progress on RDMA.