1. X

    IPv6 set static ip

    Hi, I have started playing with IPv6 on my home network and I want to set a static IP on my adguard server that runs FreeBSD. 14 I have below entries in my rc.conf but that doesn't assign an ipaddress to my server. Am I missing something here, I tried googling but found a lot of posts for...
  2. scotia

    FreeBSD does not flush on-link prefixes that become off-link

    Hi, If FBSD gets an RA containing an on-link prefix, then subsequently that on-link prefix becomes off-link, rather than remove the prefix immediately it hangs around for the original lifetime: RA (2001:db8:0:1::/64 is on-link): 00:00:04.333210 IP6 (class 0xe0, hlim 255, next-header ICMPv6...
  3. S

    IPFW How to allow TCP,UDP,ICMP traffic that's sent OUT to internet also return BACK IN but disallow traffic IN from internet that wasn't initiated

    Hey everyone, I'm struggling I'm new to FreeBSD and trying to get up and running an IPFW firewall on my FreeBSD VPS. I don't want to setup any NAT but only firewall filter rules. My /etc/rc.conf firewall_enable="YES" firewall_quiet="YES" firewall_type="open" firewall_myservices="any"...
  4. F

    IPv6 Postfix and Unbound configuration with RDNS

    Hi All, Happy New Year. I have configured my postfix mail server for ipv4 and ipv6. When I tried to setup RDNS through my ISP, they said they can delegate the ipv6 subnet to my local nameserver where I can set the reverse dns records. Has anyone done this before, if so any help is appreciated.
  5. E

    CARP + IPv6 host does not respond to neighbor solicitation multicast

    I noticed that on my CARP hosts (three pairs, six total) ssh to the local address of the current master took a long time. Turns out that it was timing out trying IPv6 and falling back on IPv4. ssh -4 always works right away. While debugging I realised that the CARP host saw neighbor...
  6. B

    PF PF not allowing IPv6 traffic

    Hello, I'm new to FreeBSD and loving it. The only thing I'm really struggling with is getting a good pf.conf. Here's my attempt. Sadly I can't get it to allow IPv6 traffic. Can anyone help me with what I'm doing wrong? vtnet0 = "vtnet0" set skip on { lo0 lo1 } # basic hardening scrub in all...
  7. subnetspider

    MAC address of ipv6 default gateway is expiring without traffic

    Hello everyone, on some of my FreeBSD VMs I have noticed, that when there is no IPv6 traffic (inbound or outbound), the ndp entry (MAC address) of the IPv6 default gateway expires. Once the ndp entry has expired, the IPv6 default gateway is no longer usable and all future incoming and outgoing...
  8. patpro

    Solved can’t get ipv6 to work on my gateway (behind a freebox)

    Hello, I’m running a FreeBSD (13.2-RELEASE-p2) gateway between my LAN and internet. On the WAN side (em1) it’s hooked to a freebox (the fiber "modem" of my provider) setup in bridge mode. Relevant rc configuration: ifconfig_em1="DHCP" gateway_enable="YES" ifconfig_em0="inet
  9. A

    jails IPv4 Routes From Jail's FIB

    UPDATE: I may have actually solved this, by swapping the order so that the jail creates the RFC1918 address on that interface FIRST, and then creates the loopback interface second. Now this confuses me even more, since I cannot route using ipv4 from the host system on that FIB, but it is...
  10. subnetspider

    BGP on FreeBSD VPS and OSPF over VPN?

    Hello everyone, Over the last year and a half I have learned a lot about IPv6, but unfortunately I am limited by my available ISPs (only dynamic IPv6 prefixes or prohibitively expensive business contracts). So I was thinking about getting my own ASN and renting a PI /48 IPv6 prefix so I can use...
  11. U

    Dynamic Prefix; Static Host; IPv6

    This is a general, "is this possible with FreeBSD?" question. I'm honestly expecting a no, but figured asking wouldn't hurt. I have a /48 and my router is set to randomize the /64 I'm using for my LAN every 12 hours. I was wondering if I could setup the host portion of the address to a static...
  12. rafael_grether

    PF PF x IPv6 TCP ports

    Hi guys, I recently implemented IPv6 stack on my AWS EC2 Machine. After a long time, dual stack is working... But only with PF disabled. With just "pass all" rule, everything from Layer 3 and Layer 4 works (IPv4, IPv6, TCP ports, ICMP, ICMP6) But with these simple general rules (for testing...
  13. sdavidb

    jails Jail host on bridge unreachable over TCP (IPv6-only)

    Hello everyone... I'm fairly new to FreeBSD and come from a Linux/Docker background, but I've been amazed and impresed with the jails functionality in this OS. I've deployed a small DevOps/CI stack on a small Intel mini-PC in my home, using IPv4, if_bridge, and iocage. I'm trying to migrate...
  14. olafz

    Solved How to enable IPv6 on my VPS?

    I rented a new VPS. From the Linux VPS, I copied the network setup: 2a04:52c0:116:87f1::1/64 default via 2a04:52c0:116::1 dev eth0 metric 1024 onlink pref medium The corresponding entries in /etc/rc.conf: ifconfig_vtnet0_ipv6="inet6 2a04:52c0:116:87f1::1 prefixlen 64"...
  15. m_pahlevanzadeh

    /usr/local/bin/ss-server[83995]: setting ipv6 dscp failed: 22

    I set up the following json file for shadowsocks: { "server":["::1","",""], "mode":"tcp_and_udp", "server_port":8388, "local_port":1080, "password":"foobar", "timeout":86400, "method":"chacha20-ietf-poly1305" } Then I receive in the...
  16. sidetone

    Solved IPv4 stopped working on FreeBSD 13.1-RELEASE; manually set it to access Internet

    My Internet wasn't working properly, and I wasn't able to ping my router. Some Internet sites worked, while others didn't. Used a live Linux CD, and the Internet was fine, and I could ping my router from it. That showed that the problem wasn't my router or the Ethernet cable. It turns out that...
  17. sixpiece

    jails no internet from inside jail

    no internet from inside my jail... would like to assign jail an ipv6 address I added this line to sysctl.conf security.jail.allow_raw_sockets=1 I have some sysctl forwarding IPv6 jail.conf is as follows: hydroshop { host.hostname = "hydroponique.shop"; # Hostname...
  18. E

    IPFW Local network (IPv6) - IPv4 internet connection

    Dear All, I wantto migrate my local network to ipv6 network but my isp supports only ipv4. I am using ipfw. how can I nat IPV6 clients to internet? Thanks.
  19. Alain De Vos

    ipv6, rtadvd daemon continuously log message.

    In my logs i have : Sunday:18:18:10.219 mail rtadvd daemon err non-zero lifetime RA but net.inet6.ip6.forwarding=0. Ignored. Everything seems to work fine, but how can i prevent this log message flooding ?
  20. epopen

    IPv6 unexpected dual temporary addresses

    Hi All. My FreeBSD box using dual stack IPv6 with Privacy Extensions (net.inet6.ip6.use_tempaddr: 1) @ WAN NIC example below inet6 OLD prefixlen 64 deprecated autoconf temporary inet6 1ST_NEW prefixlen 64 autoconf temporary And filter out 1ST_NEW IPv6 address and feed into DNS server by...