1. J

    IPFW Cannot Get IPFW NAT to work

    I have spent days trying to get what I thought should be a simple set of ipfw nat rules set up. With less than zero success. I have read the documentation and scoured the web, and I assume I am just missing something. Scenario: I have one NIC card with four public IPs. I am running a bunch...
  2. S

    How to enforce ftp client open a specific port for data when deal with Active-mode ftp servers?

    To strength security of the firewall (we all know that ftp is a challenge for firewall security) I want enforce ftp-client establish only a specific port for data. My box is an ftp client in terms of ftp communication. I don't need ftp server on my box (we live in era of cloud services!), but...
  3. S

    IPFW OpenVPN and IPFW rules

    Hello, I cannot setup firewall for OpenVPN. I don't know where is problem. Only way to make VPN working is stop IPFW via service ipfw stop. Can someone help me to set correct IPFW rules please? Here is OpenVPN config: port 9066 proto udp4 dev tun server
  4. Duffyx

    IPv6 address on WAN interface

    I've been digging into IPv6 lately and have been successful in setting up a working dual-stack network. Altough I'm not pleased with my current setup; that is when it comes down to where the IPv6 address of my gateway box is assigned. I use the isc-dhclient to get a prefix delegation, and rtsold...
  5. kazix

    IPFW, Jail and network alias

    Hello, I'm trying to configure IPFW on machine with jail (FreeBSD 11.1) Host have one big lagg0, and when jail starting create alias on this lagg0. lagg0: flags=8843... metric 0 mtu 1500 options=401ba.... ether .... inet netmask 0xffffff00 broadcast
  6. A

    IPFW Why can I add port numbers to established and what does that do ?

    Almost every single ipfw ruleset I create has this as the very first rule: allow tcp from any to any established ... and I just noticed that ipfw allows me to specify a port on this rule: allow tcp from any to any 22 established If I create a new connection to port 22, I need a rule to allow...
  7. B

    Help Connecting to the Internet through BSD

    For an assignment we have to connect two workstations to the internet through an HP server running BSD. The WS are connected to a switch that runs to eth0( network) and eth1 is connected to the schools internet network. Gateway is enabled, the server is connected to the...
  8. B

    IPFW About IPFW NAT...

    I'm running vm-bhyve on freebsd11.1. one IP on igb0. # ifconfig igb0: flags=8943<UP,BROADCAST,RUNNING,PROMISC,SIMPLEX,MULTICAST> metric 0 mtu 1500 options=2400b9<RXCSUM,VLAN_MTU,VLAN_HWTAGGING,JUMBO_MTU,VLAN_HWCSUM,VLAN_HWTSO,RXCSUM_IPV6> ether 6c:ae:8b:60:07:ca hwaddr...
  9. R

    IPFW Open status firewall

    Hi, please how can i set firewall status to "open"? I tried firewall_type="open" but i still have default rule: deny ip from any to any like firewall_type="close". Please, can you help me?
  10. goshanecr

    Solved Subnet on ExtIF and ipfw nat not working

    Good day! Please, help me understand, how setup FreeBSD 11-STABLE amd64 router with several ip addresses on external interface. I have: Provider give me subnet gw /etc/rc.conf # Assigned external IP addresses ifconfig_rl0="inet" ifconfig_rl0_alias0="inet...
  11. E

    SSH Over IPV6 Possible Bug

    I've been trying to setup ssh exclusively over IPV6 but have run in to a few issues. These are the steps I'm following, theoretically this should just work. Which is why I'm baffled at this point. I researched a few guides going back to version 10.3 and the process seems to be as follows...
  12. D

    IPFW Is DNS hijacking possible on FreeBSD + IPFW?

    Hi All! I need to redirect all dns queries to local dns server (unbound) on router with FreeBSD 11 amd + ipfw nat. re0 - intranet [] alias on re0 for unbound [] re1 - internet [a.b.c.d] I try in various ways: ${FW} fwd,53 all from to not 53...
  13. ronaldlees

    IPFW IPFW rules latency

    I had firefox running. Then in a terminal I added the rule: ipfw add 1001 drop tcp from me to any dst-port 80 setup out via rl0 uid ron Firefox could still visit *any* http site. I exited firefox. I restarted firefox Now firefox could only visit https sites, as I had expected earlier. Is...
  14. M

    kern.hz and dummynet trafic shaping

    Hi guys, I'm trying to figure out is there any relationship between kern.hz parameter and dummynet performance in terms of traffic shaping. Not it's by default = 1000. But is there a need to change it when you have more pps or interrupts? Currently, I'm shaping ~1 Gbit/s of traffic (around...
  15. n9010

    IPFW Port-range forwarding

    Hello, i'm trying to forward a range of ports via ipfw, as the man states the syntax should be: With the TCP and UDP protocols, optional ports may be specified as: {port|port-port|port:mask}[,port[,...]] So i've set the following rule: add 018500...
  16. P

    IPFW FreeBSD PPPoe Port Forwarding

    SRV1:FreeBSD 10.3,IP:,PPPOe ADSL(ppp),ethernetx1:fxp0 SRV2:FreeBSD 10.3,IP: [Goals] port forwarding: SRV1 [port:8922] ----> SRV2 [port:22] SRV [port:8080] ----> SRV2 [port:80] I am experimenting with port forwarding and I have spent few weeks to resolve this. After Googling...
  17. B

    IPFW ipfw nat stateful redirect of a port

    Hello everyone! I have few network services running in jailed configuration on a server, and I use ipfw to protect the server against possible attacks, and to provide its local clients with access to internet. The goal I want to achieve is redirection of some ports of jailed services to the...
  18. S

    IPFW Block all ports&connections but allow only this port

    Hi, i have a problem, i want to block all ports but allow port 25. I trying some rules but not working it. Please, can you help me? Here is my try: #!/bin/sh ipfw -q -f flush cmd="ipfw add" $cmd 00010 check-state $cmd 00020 deny ip from any to any #SSH $cmd 11020 allow tcp from any to any...
  19. hsw

    IPFW NAT failing with nginx+ssl

    I set up a digital Ocean droplet with 10.3-zfs, installed iocage and copied in an working 10.3 jail that has nginx already setup. The jails IP is assigned to tap0 and I am trying to use IPFW+NAT to create a stateful firewall to allow the jail limited external access. With SSL off there is no...
  20. 1

    IPFW Rules for jails

    Hello. I can not figure out how to block access in and out of jail. I could only find what jail is not have a firewall. Configure the system should be in the form of parental rules: # ipfw add 00001 tcp any to any jail 1. In manual ipfw about it almost nothing. Tell me how to properly...