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  1. Mjölnir

    FreeBSD Kommunity Edition

    Let's just brainstorm... What would you expect a "FreeBSD Kommunity Edition" to be/offer? What would you like it to be/offer? Is there demand for such a thing? Would you like to see a *BSD Kommunity Edition? What is missing or should be better in base FreeBSD / in the KDE ports? Add your...
  2. P

    Unable to get Desktop environment running properly

    Hi, I tried for many days to install a desktop environment on FreeBsd but it's unsuccessful on a laptop. This is a Dell 7240 with a i5-4300U ( Haswell serie) with a UK keyboard. I have 2 ssd's, both booting on UEFI: One with W10 installed and the other with FreeBSD. There is no dual boot, I...
  3. E

    Can't See the Installation GUI on Thinkpad

    Hi, I'm having trouble installing FreeBSD 12.1 on my ThinkPad T430. Flashing the OS on a USB and DVD give the same result: a tiny installation window on the top of the screen (see image). Everything seems to work, but I just can't see what I'm doing. I've also tried plugging in another monitor...