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  1. B

    Elantech trackpad not working

    Hello, I am reasonably new to FreeBSD, but came across this thread for a similar issue. So far those steps do not result in my trackpad working, but perhaps I am missing something? I would really appreciate any support, docs to read, or opinions on what I'm missing, etc. This is for a Lenovo...
  2. sidetone

    Show or describe your HID configuration: Peripheral hardware

    HID devices include keyboards, gamepads/joysticks, penpads/touchpads, mice... This can be for any type of HID device, from the old architecture, from x86-input, from the newer driver architecture, from Antimicro or Bluetooth. Any HID that runs on FreeBSD. Even plans on what to do with it. Or...
  3. A

    Can the xf86-input-usbtablet driver be ported to FreeBSD?

    After moving over from Ubuntu to FreeBSD around the beginning of this year, one of my few disappointments has been that my HUION Inspiroy H950P was not supported and FreeBSD support seemed to indicate that only Wacom tablets were supported. Yet, as a teacher, the use of the tablet has been so...
  4. L

    SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad: kernel bug: Touch jump detected and discarded

    os:freebsd 13.0 kldstat | fgrep i915 4 1 0xffffffff82a3c000 158430 i915kms.ko GNOME does not display a login window, only the mouse [ 30.848] (EE) event5 - SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad: kernel bug: Touch jump detected and discarded. See...
  5. J

    Touchpad non-operational after suspend

    I'm experiencing issues with the touchpad after resuming from suspend. System: Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen9 FreeBSD 13.1-STABLE (March 27 2022) After a regular boot, the touchpad is working as expected. If I then use zzz to suspend the system and resume afterwards, the touchpad is behaving...
  6. H

    Solved Apple(R) Trackpads on FreeBSD.

    Hello! I recently installed FreeBSD 12.3-RELEASE (r371126 GENERIC) to my MacBook4,1, which is an A1181 (white polycarbonate) model. The "ums" driver seems to make the trackpad "partially" work. The thing does move around the screen, the physical button clicks, but there's no scroll feature and...
  7. pacija

    Synaptics TouchPad disconnects on ThinkPad T14

    Hi, I am running stable/13 on ThinkPad T14 AMD laptop. Every few boots my touchpad gets disconnected. Rebooting brings it back. Xorg.0.log just states "SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad: device removed" (see attached file). I have also attached dmesg. I know this laptop is fairly new, that's why I...
  8. J

    ThinkPad T430s weird issues

    Hello, Recently I've switched from Slackware to FreeBSD-13.0 on my T430s. I'm very happy with how does the system run etc. but some things just seem to not work that well: Laptop goes to sleep after opening a lid. To suspend the laptop I have to close and then open the lid, only after then it...
  9. F

    MacBook Pro A1278 Early 2011: Touchpad issue, no tap or right-click

    Hi all, I have a problem configuring my touchpad properly in X11 with XFCE4 on an A1278 MacBook Pro Early 2011. The touchpad works (well, kind of) in X11: Mousepointer moves around, left click and two-finger scrolling is possible but that's it. I'd like to have tap instead of click and also...
  10. DanDare

    Help making I2C laptop touchpad working on 13-RELEASE

    Hi there, My laptop is a Samsung and I'm trying to get touchpad working on X but no luck until now. Been searching on the forum trying to follow things like...
  11. L

    FreeBSD 13 + KDE5, touchpad isn't working or detected

    Running Asus X556UAX, managed to insta ll almost everything, at this point, hardwarewise, I only have the touchpad to configure. I'm not really sure how to approch it. I know it's I2C and I think it's ELEN, but from that on, no idea what to do. I did tried adding hw.usb.usbhid.enable=1...
  12. P

    touchpad setup with libinput

    Hi everyone, I installed FreeBSD 13.0 and Mate desktop installed but I have 2 issues wit the touchpad which is a Alps model (at least, that's how it was described under W10 by cheeking the settings). The touchpad itself is working, the left and right button as well. 1) But I’m unable to...
  13. christhegeek

    FreeBSD 13 is awesome top performance everything is good except of that one thing........Touchpads!

    FreeBSD 13 is awesome top performance everything is good except of that one thing........Touchpads ! My laptop's touchpad doesn't want to work,to make it work i have to use iichid and do some configuring.
  14. S

    Screen Brightness and Elantech Touchpad

    Hello to all. I just install FreeBSD 13-Beta2 @ KDE plasma desktop. Everything works fine except two issues: 1) I can not make my Fn keys for brightness to work. In general there is no way to adjust the brightness. 2) I have not found any way to my elantech touchpad to work although I have set...
  15. the3ajm

    Solved Post 12.2 update led to touchpad reset

    I was monitoring packages being rebuilt for 12.2 on Sunday evening and saw it's done so I began the update. After I restarted my PC the first thing I noticed was my touchpad has been "reset" as tap doesn't register on my touchpad and acceleration has set back to default like the first time I've...
  16. K

    Synaptics touchpad yoga 720 13-ikb

    Hello, I have my 3 year old yoga and I installed FreeBSD and followed the tutorial to enable the touchpad. However, That didn't work. I saw Cursor on the screen but it did not move. I tried too but still not. I even tried installing GhostBSD but no luck. Can you please help? Thank you very...
  17. Azrael

    [SOLVED] No Touchpad After Install

    Recently I got a Asus Tuf Gaming A17 laptop. After a while I was able to resolve my wifi problems, but I'm still not able to use the touchpad. Usually I just install xf86-input-synaptics and that fixes it. I installed xf86-input-synaptics and libsynaptics, but no change. I added...
  18. X

    Keyboard/Touchpad on Dell Vostro 1000 Laptop

    I know that the vast majority of keyboard/touchpad issues come down to missing drivers. If the built-in input devices (keyboard and touchpad) aren't being recognized, how do you determine exactly which drivers you're missing and have to download? The good news is that the keyboard does...
  19. G

    FreeBSD 12.2-RELEASE and ASUS ZenBook 13: touchpad not working

    Again an old (but recurring) problem. I installed from scratch FreeBSD-12.2 on my Asus ZenBook 13, and everything works fine with the exception of elantech touchpad on i2c bus. I installed the iichid driver from source, and put the correct commands in /boot/loader.conf according to what...
  20. Mjölnir

    [Help] KDE: TouchPad reset to default settings on new KDE (July 2020)

    Hi everybody, after upgrading to the quarterly Q3/2020 packages, my touchpad is reset to the default settings on every new login. I have to enable my settings over & over again. It's only 3 mouse clicks, but still very annoying. Any suggestions how to solve this? Thx in advance.