1. gtewallace

    please share your experience with different hardware

    Hi everyone. A common question from FreeBSD users across desktop, server, and vendors is "which chips, NIC, SSD, WiFi, etc. hardware makers consistently offer good FreeBSD support?" This is a priority for me and a first step is to catalog the hardware makers that DO offer good support so the...
  2. G

    FreeBSD does not boot up after connected HDD via USB adaptor

    Hi, Yesterday i was turning on Linux Binary Compatibility and made mistake entry in /etc/fstab file. Boot stop's on prompt to type shell but 2 of my keyboard's does not work (missing kernel module or something) so i connected server hard drive by USB adaptor to VMWare OpenBSD instance and edit...
  3. R

    How to clean ZFS safely

    I have freebsd 13.2 server on ESXI. There is only 5Gb is in use, but my VM backup is too big. # df -m Filesystem 1M-blocks Used Avail Capacity Mounted on zroot/ROOT/default 12375 5038 7337 41% / devfs 0 0 0 100% /dev zroot/tmp...
  4. byrnejb

    Other Explanation sought for camcontrol output

    We have an older eight-bay supermicro system. Four of the bays contain the 3Tb hdds allocated to our raidz2 zpool. Two of the other four are empty and the remaining two contain a 1TB and a 3TB drive. I have swapped the 3Tb drive from one bay to another with the follwoing results: Original...
  5. A

    Solved How FreeBSD Forums prevented me from KMS

    3.15 inch OneHalf and the tale of long-tailed !ant¡-Virus distribution Many years ago, after I got bitten by OneHalf, I've developed some kind of backup procedure. It wasn't perfect at the time, but it was working and got better over several years. I don't consume antivirus, and I disable...
  6. Spity

    Nautilus load a long, long, long disk name

    Installed fusefs-ntfs my loader.conf fuse_load="YES" my sysctl.conf: vfs.usermount=1 and fstab: /dev/ada2s1 /mnt/windows ntfs mountprog=/usr/local/bin/ntfs-3g,rw 0 0 Everthing its ok! but, when I click (for open) on the disk, Nautilus show me a long, long, long name (And the...
  7. B

    disks over 2TB in size

    Just wondering if it has been considered to not auto select dos for the disk if the disk is detected to be over 2TB? GPT works but it'd be nice to have it just work automatically?
  8. D

    ZFS zpool on SSD Pros & Cons

    Hello all, Finding myself at a crossroad. Need to transfer my home files to a new zpool with bigger drives but not sure if I should get smaller but more cost-effective HDD and wait for SSD prices to drop in the next 5 years or so, OR should I get bigger and costlier HDD for future-proofing...
  9. I

    ZFS The pool I confing is unknown

    Hey you all, i had a problem with one of the HDDs in my freenas and needed to change it to a new one. Since i changed it the freenas doesn´t recognize my pool. I am adding screenshots. Thank you all for the help.
  10. patpro

    Solved 2.5" HDD, what's the best choice?

    Hello, I'm contemplating the idea of a replacement for my currently hosted 1U server. This server holds 4x 3.5" HDD and 1x 2.5" SSD, with this topology: - first zpool ZRAID1 mirror 2x 1To + SSD L2ARC - second zpool ZRAID1 mirror 2x 2To My ideal next server would have 8x 2.5" SATA slots, and 1x...
  11. angelvg

    ZFS Single Disk with ZFS best practices...

    I want to use a disk with ZFS and I want to use the best practices... Both for an SSD and for an HDD The process: Delete the disk # gpart destroy -F da0 # dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/da0 bs=1m count=128 Prepare the disk # gpart create -s GPT da0 # gpart add -t freebsd-zfs -l storage -a 1M da0...
  12. A

    How to install sg_scan on the latest version of FreeBSD?

    How to install sg_scan on the latest version of FreeBSD? Tried to install sg3_utils. But this particular program is not (((
  13. S

    UDMA_CRC_Error_Count !

    Hi, Hopes community doing great. We're experiencing disk errors "UDMA_CRC_Error_Count" via smartctl on all of our drives (12 x 3TB) from quite a time now and after trying everything mentioned in this post, we're still not able to diagnose it. Here is the log of smartctl ...
  14. ldgc

    UFS SUJ for HDD

    Howdy :) If I understood correctly, bsdinstall recommends to turn off SUJ for SSD but what is recommended for HDD?
  15. B

    ZFS adding swap space

    I setup this HDD with zfs but no swap, now even with 32GB of ram I am running into issues related to swap. I created a swap file but I've been told that's a bad idea and can lead to deadlocks. My goal is to eventually debug the programs that I am using to see how to lower their memory usage but...
  16. S

    Solved Reformatting a HDD that was used as a member of a RAID array

    I guys, hope you can help me. I have a HDD which was previously in a RAID array. Now I wanna used it alone as Master (IDE hdd)... For now I managed to switch it from CABLE SELECT to Master and BIOS is showing it up in list of device. I'm using lastest FreeBSD usb bootable to try to format this...
  17. R

    Solved Lost partitions just after booting to installation disk

    I have a hp pavilion dv6 2170ee notebook (an intel core i7 64 bit system of course) So I downloaded amd64 dvd1 iso image and burned it to a dvd. I checked the SHA256 checksum too and it was fine. Here's what happens: 1- I choose "dvd rom" from bios star-up menu and just after reading the dvd...
  18. W

    ZFS Can FreeBSD read Linux OpenZFS format?

    If I put a Linux formatted OpenZFS HDD into a FreeBSD system, would I be able to mount the drive as if it were a native FreeBSD ZFS drive?
  19. geek

    Other Spin down idle disks with USB SATA/PATA adapter

    Hello. I'm planning to set up a Raspberry Pi server and, among other things, use hard disks with USB adapters for NAS with RAID. I want the disks to spin down after some time of inactivity. I experimented with an USB adapter and one SATA disk on my x86_64 desktop, and using ataidle -s /dev/da4...
  20. L

    ZFS HDDs suddenly wake up from stand-by

    I have FreeBSD 10.2 release installed on a server which I sometimes use as a NAS. For this purpose I have a separate ZFS pool on separate disks. I bring them online only if I need them to save power. On the other side I have written a small script which automatically export the ZFS pool and send...