1. C

    top first execution inaccurate CPU usage

    I am putting together a cron job script that will pull top information and format it into a log that I can pull into Excel for readability (one row per execution - run every 10 minutes outputting to a log file). I am using the command top -nPd 1 to generate the lines needed to get CPU usage per...
  2. decuser

    How do I Disable AMT

    I'm getting a new (to me) ThinkCentre m92p that I will be putting FreeBSD on to take over duties now being performed by my Optiplex 755. I just realized (years later, right?), that the Dell came with VPro capability, which back in the day, I just thought was some fancy extra capability, but now...
  3. N

    Netgear a6100 wifi usb adapter drivers

    I am trying to use a usb dongle with freebsd on my rpi4. In the manual of the dongle, i see that they have drivers listed but its for windows. This says it is supported but what does that mean exactly.... does that mean i need to load the drivers or...
  4. neogeo

    Building a port builder on the cloud - Root filesystem @ FreeBSD 13.0 on Azure?

    While researching an idea of using Microsoft Azure as a cloud service provider for a FreeBSD 13.1 build host - among other available options in cloud services and VPS instances, of course - I'd found the FreeBSD 13.0 release at the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. The page at Microsoft's Azure...
  5. StreetDancer

    Solved Need help updating 13.0-RELEASE-p11 (I need to update /usr/src)

    Hey everyone! I just used the freebsd-update fetch & install and got me from p6 to p11, which is nice. I have powered down my jails from ezjail-admin in hopes of updating /usr/src and rebuilding world before attempting a ezjail-admin update -u command that Alain De Vos mentioned on a different...
  6. J

    database/freetds fail to connect ms sql server on FreeBSD-13-Stable (2022/02)

    After some tests, I suspect the openssl 1.1.1m on FreeBSD-13-Stable (2022/02) prevent freetds from connecting to microsoft sql server 2019. Command: setenv TDSDUMP /tmp/freetds.log tsql -S host -U username -P password tail /tmp/freetds.log tls.c:130:in tds_pull_func_login tls.c:130:in...
  7. john_rambo

    Solved How to enable the System Hardening options that are offered during the install process post install ?

    I made a mistake and didn't enable these options while installing. I don't want to reinstall unless absolutely necessary. Is there a way I can enable these options now ? I mean after the installation is over ?
  8. Abraham79

    Solved loader.efi in EFI is not able to boot FreeBSD 13.0

    I have upgraded from 12.2 to 13.0 and rEFInd detects FreeBSD/boot1.efi in ESP partition and can boot into FreeBSD. However, when I tried with copying /boot/loader.efi into the ESP partition FreeBSD folder, it is not booting. It is showing below error. Note that ESP partition is in SSD and...
  9. J

    DWM [SOLVED] How do I patch, install, and start DWM?

    Hi, about two months ago I created a thread asking for some help installing DWM to freeBSD 13 in a virtual machine. My main issue at that point was that I didn't have X running properly. I've come back and finally installed FreeBSD to hardware and I've gotten a bit farther this time. I've...
  10. G

    Installed FreeBSD13 but doesnt show up in UEFI options

    After using Linux for several years, I decided to install FreeBSD. However, my system seems to be unable to detect the installed boot loader. efibootmgr shows that the boot loaderfile is "null", is that relevant? My boot loader is in /dev/ada0p1/EFI/BOOT/BOOTx64.EFI I booted with a live USB...
  11. Silent22

    Solved 13 /w Intel® HD Graphics 400 Braswell (celeron n3150) gigabyte N3150M-D3P

    Xorg xfce xf86-video-intel /boot/loader.conf kern.geom.label.disk_ident.enable="0" kern.geom.label.gptid.enable="0" cryptodev_load="YES" zfs_load="YES" kern.vty=vt rc.conf hostname="qwe" ifconfig_re0="DHCP" moused_enable="YES" # Set dumpdev to "AUTO" to enable crash dumps, "NO" to disable...
  12. Cath O'Deray


    Let's assume that PkgBase is the way forward. <> and so on. In addition to the list, there's sometimes discussion of PkgBase in IRC for FreeBSD. Retrospective (2018–2019)...
  13. K

    issue with terminal, cannot use clear

    I recently deleted some old packages I do not use anymore(ghc and steam utils) via pkg. For some reason, I cannot use the clear command on my user account. The weird thing is that, technically these 2 actions(deleting old packages and not being able to use a command) are unrelated. However, I...
  14. herbertpfp

    FreeBSD 13.0 HDMI audio slow motion

    Good morning, I have a stable FreeBSD 13.0 and I am very happy with my operating system that I met in October 2020 when my PC was very slow because the computer's battery was (dead) going into Powersave mode (at the time I didn't know it existed, my computer was very slow and I looked for a more...
  15. K

    Xorg on FreeBSD 13.0 BETA2

    It feels it is kind of off topic, but did anyone tried the 13.0 BETA2 version? Did anyone had an issue with Xorg, eg lets say completely freeze the system and need to poweroff the computer from its power button? I read that there were some changes in the drivers section and the way they...
  16. K

    question about xorg

    I have been running FreeBSD 13(the alpha version) and have successfully installed the xorg configurations for an nvidia gpu on a dual screen. one of the kernel objects that I needed to config the gpu was the nvidia.ko and nvidia-modeset.ko. Yesterday I updated some packages automatically with...