freebsd 12.2

  1. Voltaire

    Solved SDDM ignores settings specified in sddm.conf

    I installed the theme 'Elarun' in the location /usr/local/share/sddm/themes I also created the /usr/local/etc/sddm.conf file. In this sddm.conf file I have the following text: [Theme] Current=Elarun It continues to use the default theme. Is /usr/local/etc/ the correct location for the SDDM...
  2. Voltaire

    pkg autoremove removes wrong packages

    I've noticed something in pkg autoremove's behavior that could potentially be a bug or unwanted behavior. Yesterday I did pkg autoremove. These were the packages it then removed: I've only installed packages via pkg, and never installed custom builds or anything like that. If I do pkg upgrade...
  3. Voltaire

    OpenVPN internet connection problem

    I used the default configuration file for Linux systems from ProtonVPN (for OpenVPN). I start OpenVPN once via the 'onestart' command, it then asks for the username and password. After this it connects, and it seems to connect correctly, but I have no internet and can't ping the google servers...
  4. Z

    FreeBSD 12.2 missing xorg qxl video driver

    Hi FreeBSDers, I have noticed that FreeBSD 12.2 no longer appear to have xorg qxl video driver which was needed to run FreeBSD Desktop on QEMU / KVM. Was this a deliberate omission ? I initially did a pkg install of X11 & Gnome but X11 fails to start and qxl video driver is not found. So I...
  5. F

    How can I customize FreeBSD Boot loader?

    We are seeing a menu with FreeBSD logo and FreeBSD ball devil on boot. I want to change codes that running when we select a boot option. I already checked /boot. I saw menu.rc and loader.rc but I want to change codes that running when selected an option. So how? Some information about my...
  6. F

    [INFO] 3 things that DESTROYS Gnome3

    1)Full disk space causes on boot on black screen 2)Less ram causes gnome to crashes or black screen
  7. M

    Jail limits on FreeBSD 12.2, but not on 9.2

    POST HEAVILY EDITED: actually the limitation is not about FreeBSD 12.2 Hello, in our lab we have a few HP Proliant DL360g8 with 32 GB RAM that we use to run jails. Each server runs ~6000 simple jails that have only sshd and syslogd as running services. They currently run FreeBSD 9.2, but I'm...
  8. decuser

    How to move around in bash - keybindings?

    In the BASH(1) manpage, the keybindings are described. However, these don't seem to be what FreeBSD is using. In particular, it shows: Well, M-f works on the command line, but it looks like M-b deletes the previous word, I just wanna move back a word and leave the command line intact like...
  9. Q

    [FreeBSD 12.2] NEWALIASES: cannot open alias database /etc/mail/aliases

    Hey guys this is my first thread, yay! I've just set up a server with FreeBSD 12.2 and changed the mail address in /etc/mail/aliases (root: To rebuild the aliases.db (which doesn't exist) I've used the following command: root@***:/etc/mail # newaliases WARNING: cannot open...
  10. R

    Dovecot gives me Fatal: Invalid system hostname: ''.

    When I try to restart the service with the command service dovecot restart it just gives me this error Fatal: Invalid system hostname: '' which I don't know how to solve. I tried to find in the dovecot.conf and in other configuration files some keywords about hostname, but I couldn't find...
  11. H

    Solved FreeBSD 12.2 startx failed '(EE) open /dev/dri/card0: No such file or directory'

    Dear All, I have one ThinkPad X1 Carbon 5th, and last week the FreeBSD 12.2 has been installed on the Laptop. After the compilation of the x11/xorg, and added the user in the video group pw groupmod video -m USER, at last I executed the #startx. But failed. Error Message [ 126.525] (EE) open...
  12. rollniak

    Solved drm-kmod installed but sway won't start

    Hi everyone, After successfully setup my workstation (FreeBSD 12.1/drm-kmod binary), i tried to install FreeBSD 12.2 on my Lenovo T495. When i try to launch sway -d i get the following error: 00:00:00.000 [sway/main.c:326] Sway version 1.5.1 00:00:00.002 [sway/main.c:153] FreeBSD...
  13. Abraham79

    Randomly unable to update pkg repository in FreeBSD 12.2 - not found

    Since few days, pkg repository fails to update, at random. Most of the times, it works; Sometimes not. Location is India. ~% doas pkg upgrade Updating FreeBSD repository catalogue... pkg: Not Found repository FreeBSD has no meta...