1. I

    Moving files to/from macOS to FreeBSD using USB flash disk

    I need to use a USB flash disk to move files to/from macOS to FreeBSD. What is the best or recommended common filesystem between the two operating systems? Should I first format the USD disk using macOS Disk Utility? What filesystem (APFS, FAT, exFAT, etc. should I choose)? Or, should I format...
  2. F

    Solved Deleting ZFS datasets

    I set up a couple of jails and ports trees with iocage and pot and poudriere, which all use zfs. I'm done using these jails and have unmounted and deleted them from the /usr/local/poudriere .etc but in the output of zfs list there are still a great number of datasets beginning in zroot that are...
  3. M

    Other diagnose iSCSI connected drive

    Hi guys, I have an older Synology DiskStation, which I had been using as an iSCSI LUN Then from the server the iSCSI connection works, but the disk cannot be mounted. mount # mount /dev/da0 /mnt mount: /dev/da0: No such file or directory da0 is not part of any zpool and does not contain a...
  4. A

    ZFS ZFS root from sysinstall ... why so many filesystems ?

    I just created a new system from sysinstall (used the 12.0-RELEASE ISO) and chose to use the nice, menu driven ZFS boot config that is now in sysinstall. Everything went fine and I am booted up, etc. however I am really surprised to see all of the individual filesystems that were created for me...
  5. Z

    Solved [ZFS & UFS] UFS or ZFS for the main drive on a NAS ?

    Hi, For a NAS, the question is UFS or ZFS for main drive ? I'm thinking about 2 options, which one would you recommend ? It is a recent hardware, Intel i3. 8Go. Main drive is an old 1To classical HDD while the 4 other one are new 4To 'NAS' HDD of 2 different brands. No SSD. Option 1 full ZFS...
  6. C

    /usr/home/ became /home/ ?!?

    Having a tough time understanding something and can't figure out what happened. This morning an nfs share stopped working on my dev environment, it was working fine yesterday. After some head scratching, I relalized that my /home/ directory isn't a symlink to /usr/home/ anymore, it is a real...
  7. I

    Other Mount file from character device

    I'd like to create a character device that serves as a single file's filesystem. Thus, I created my own device implementing read, write and mmap methods. For the experiment, I wish my device to be mounted by regular high-level filesystem and represent a dynamic library available for loading by...
  8. mrclksr

    DSBMD - a media mounting daemon/automounter for FreeBSD

    About sysutils/dsbmd is a media mounting daemon written for FreeBSD. It detects and monitors storage devices (like USB sticks, hard disks, CD/DVD drives, card readers, digital cameras (PTP), MTP devices like smartphones, tablets etc.), and identifies their filesystems. Its clients can request...

    ZFS Why are /usr and /var not in a boot environment?

    By default the file system structure was set up as is set up so that /usr and /var are not inside a boot environment dataset and have canmount set to off. $ zfs list -H -o name,mountpoint,canmount NAME MOUNTPOINT CANMOUNT s${ZROOT}/ROOT none on ${ZROOT}/ROOT/default /...
  10. M

    ZFS "zfs create" on directory with existing data

    I have a single disk on my server. I simply went for ZFS "stripe" (no redundancy) when installing FreeBSD. zpool status prints the following: pool: zroot state: ONLINE scan: none requested config: NAME STATE READ WRITE CKSUM zroot ONLINE 0 0 0 ada0p4 ONLINE...
  11. Li Fo

    Other Can't erase microSD after burning FreeBSD on it.

    Hello guys! Recently I have tried to set up FreeBSD on my Raspberry Pi. So I burnt my microSD on macOS with "dd if=/path/to/img_file of=/dev/disk1 bs=1 conv=sync" and used for its intended purpose without any problems. But after some time I have noticed, that files have been erased after...
  12. M

    UFS FreeBSD 11.0 Release inumber .. on /var: filesystem full

    Hi everyone, I'm puzzled on an issue, which I've had before but this time I am really puzzled. I have upgraded my FreeBSD 10.3 machine to 11 and everything seems to be working perfectly. However I am seeing lots of this error in /var/log/messages. inumber .. on /var: filesystem full I have...
  13. dave

    Solved Move To New Disk And Combine Filesystems

    I have an old FreeBSD installation that is running out of space. I would like to attach a new disk and migrate to it. I would also like to combine all the separate filesystems /usr, /var, /tmp and so on to a single filesystem /. Is this possible? What is the best approach?
  14. vojtaz

    UFS After GELI restore metadata can't fsck or mount

    Hi guys, I've recently moved my system to new box. At first boot up I got an error with attaching my encrypted disks (GELI) saying there's a problem with metadata. So I've restored it with my backup file with geli restore. Attaching is no longer an issue now I can't mount it or even fsck. When...
  15. T

    ZFS Discrepancy in expected vs. actual capacity of ZFS filesystem

    The actual capacity of my filesystem is smaller than what I expected/calculated, and I'd like to better understand why. I suspect this may have something to do with some facet of ZFS like ashift or recordsize that I'm forgetting to account for. Please note that I do not believe this is related...