1. E

    Solved Enlightenment application menu icons missing due to efreetd crashing

    Hello to anybody having issues with Enlightenment menu icons missing or disappearing. When I say menu, this will most obviously be the application menu missing some or all of it's application icons. The other symptom is that a message pops up just after login, mentioning failure to connect to...
  2. Keve

    Solved kbd shortcut to change screens in Enlightenment

    Hello forum readers, I recently gave Enlightenment a try (pkg installed on 11.2R/i386). It looks nice enough for my taste, and it performs exceptionally well on my old hardware (12 years old 20-inch core-solo iMac with Radeon X1600). I use 4 screens (virtual desktops) in a 2x2 layout, and I can...
  3. F

    Enlightenment Failing to start Enlightenment

    Afternoon all, I’ve recently installed FreeBSD-CURRENT (r287930) onto my ThinkPad T440, I’ve used CURRENT as it supports my Intel ac 7260 wireless card. I have installed SLiM as my login manager, and that seems to be working OK. After playing with GNOME3 and Xfce I wanted to try out...