Solved kbd shortcut to change screens in Enlightenment

Hello forum readers,
I recently gave Enlightenment a try ( pkg installed on 11.2R/i386). It looks nice enough for my taste, and it performs exceptionally well on my old hardware (12 years old 20-inch core-solo iMac with Radeon X1600).
I use 4 screens (virtual desktops) in a 2x2 layout, and I can change between them by clicking their miniature at the bottom of the desktop, or just move my mouse pointer to the edge of the screen which will then shift over to the next screen.
I would like to set up a keyboard shortcut, so that Ctrl+CursorArrow would shift screens up, down, left or right respectively. And I am unable to find where or how I could set this up. Every time I duckduckgo it, I end up on a page explaining how to configure multiple screens. But nothing on how to set up keyboard shortcuts to change screens.

Suggestions, pointers are appreciated!
I believe it is the x11-wm/enlightenment port, as I installed it as pkg install enlightenment.
Main Menu -> Settings -> All -> Input -> Key Bindings
Choose key binding at the left (or add your own one) and choose the desired action on the right.
Exactly what I was looking for.
The default key-bindings in e17 to flip desktops to the left/right/up/down are Shift+Alt+left/right/up/down.
It was very easy to add Ctrl+left/right/up/down bindings with the same functionality, and remove the default Shift+Alt bindings if needed.