1. F

    MiniDLNA not discovered (multicast issue?)

    Hi I am trying to run minidlna (v1.2.1,1) on a FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE system with a GENERIC kernel. I am not using jails. The issue I am seeing is that clients do not see the server unless the server is restarted (or maybe a very high timeout is passed?). Once they "find" each other, everything...
  2. Kay

    How to jail miniDLNA with NAT

    Hi I'm trying to set up a miniDLNA server inside a jail. When it's inside a jail, my LAN clients cannot access it. But if miniDLNA is installed outside of the jail, my LAN clients can successfully access it. My jail has it's private IP ( address on host's lo1 interface. I then...
  3. I

    Server (NFS,SMB,CUPS,DLNA...)

    Hello everybody, I have just registered here because I am planning a project where I think FreeBSD could be the ideal OS. I am currently running a dual boot system with Arch Linux and Windows 10. Both systems have FDE, Linux with LUKS (LVM) and Windows with Bitlocker, so data can not be easily...