1. N

    (solution) colemak layout not used in console after install of GhostBSD

    After installing GhostBSD, selected keyboard layout was used in X/xorg, but not in console. According to this vt is the current default console. Keyboard layout is in /usr/share/vt/keymap/colemak.acc.kbd Solution: edit /etc/defaults/rc.conf keymap="colemak.acc.kbd" and /etc/rc.conf...
  2. Russian_Man

    Solved How to change vt console font size?

    Friends, good day! How can I change console font size to bigger?
  3. Russian_Man

    Console not responding if kills Xorg started from it

    Hi All! I have such situation, my Son works on my FreeBSD PC after school in such way: He logins with his own user/password on console, after that startx and use games. And if I remotely throught ssh kills his Xorg, console becomes unresponsible. It incorrectly reacts on a keyboard (prints...
  4. hishnik

    Dual console configuration, both primary?

    Hello. I can't figure out how-to configure consoles to be equal. If I write this (to /boot/loader.conf): # Serial console boot boot_multicons="YES" boot_serial="YES" comconsole_speed="115200" console="comconsole,vidconsole" , then I got this (in dmesg): Dual Console: Serial Primary, Video...
  5. D

    Solved FreeBSD 13.0 boot stuck in "UEFI Interactive Shell" when EFI is enabled in VirtualBox

    In a fresh install of FreeBSD-13.0-RELEASE-amd64-disc1.iso in VirtualBox 6.1.32 (Ubuntu 20.04.4 host), I wanted to increase the console dimensions and console font size, so I followed the instructions here: How to increase vt console size in VirtualBox image. (Note: that post uses the FreeBSD...
  6. Incnis Mrsi

    xorg-server-1.20.13 failed to switch from vt07

    A reasonably recent Xorg running on Intel UHD Graphics 610 (see here) under FreeBSD 12.3 with vt over efifb suddenly stopped to switch virtual consoles. When [Ctr]+[Alt]+[Fn] is pressed, the process says Otherwise GUI functions as usual. Never observed this behaviors with an older...
  7. A

    How do you view a webpage without a browser in a console?

    How do you view a webpage without a browser in a console?
  8. I

    bhyve Cannot type into bhyve OpenBSD guest (ie. not keyboard input)

    I'm trying to install/configure OpenBSD bhyve guests, by following these instructions. Host OS: FreeBSD 13 Guest OS: OpenBSD 6.9 First, when I connect to the VM using VNC, I notice that it actually uses a different console. The text which are output the KDE Konsole terminal console is different...
  9. Incnis Mrsi

    vt/efifb drops video signal – how to restore?

    Hello. My “FreeBSD 12.1-RELEASE r354233” box sometimes shuts down its output VGA signal after I disconnect (physically) a monitor from the cable. Everything else works: keyboard, X server, even virtual console switching succeeds (as indicated with vidcontrol -i active </dev/ttyv1) and may be...
  10. D

    Blank screen and not turn on

    Hello. I'm using FreeBSD 12.2-RELEASE-p1 with Xorg, GDM and Xfce on my laptop Dell Latitude 3440. Everything works well, except by one detail: everytime i lock the screen and its turn off or it blanks after programed time, I can press any key on keyboard or move the touchpad, but the screen...
  11. P

    Unable to modify the screen resolution for console

    Hi, I’m trying to decrease the screen resolution for the console on my laptop which has a default resolution 1920x1080 ( 12.5 ‘’) booting in UEFI. At the end of the boot, I got a nice console very bright and clear but with it's very very small and makes the reading very complicated After...
  12. D

    Solved Changing Display Device Without Xorg

    Hello, I have installed an AMD GPU to my system in order to use GPU accelerated OpenCL (Not OpenGL). My system uses onboard Intel graphics with syscons(4) for console display (I didn't install X) But after the GPU installation server only outputs through the GPU's VGA port rather than...
  13. T

    Mouse found by FreeBSD, but moused does not recognize type

    FreeBSD 12-STABLE, FreeBSD 13-CURRENT, FreeBSD 13-ALPHA1, FreeBSD 10-STABLE, FreeBSD 11-STABLE they all detect my mouse, connected via USB and mapped to /dev/uhid0. uhidctl -f /dev/uhid0 -l -a works as expected showing mouse movements and keypresses. Attaching moused to /dev/uhid0 moused tells...
  14. goshanecr

    Can I use multimedia/mpv with framebuffer in kms console?

    Good day Friends! I have a kms enabled console with graphics/drm-kmod installed and loaded. Is it possible view video without X through multimedia/mpv? I'm install it and from mpv -vo help gives that options: Available video outputs: libmpv render API for libmpv gpu...
  15. goshanecr

    Solved How to switch vt console independ to external monitor?

    Hi Friends! I have a small laptop ASUS EeePC 1215, with AMD Radeon 6310 video card. So I have i386 system installed with vt console enabled: /boot/loader.conf kern.vty=vt radeonkms_load="YES" kern.vt.fb.VGA-1="1440x900" It has a native internal LVDS resolution: 1024x600, but I need use it...
  16. Spity

    Solved TTY & nVidia Error

    Install FreeBSD 12.2 with Gnome, when installing the nvidia-driver all the tty (Control + alt + F (x) look like this my rc.conf kld_list="nvidia-modeset" my loader.conf linux_load="YES" nvidia-modeset_load="YES" nvidia_load="YES"
  17. M

    Upgrade to 12.2, ZFS bootcode, and EFI text console issues

    After upgrading from FreeBSD 12.1 to 12.2-RELEASE, my machine boots and runs fine, but it no longer displays a full native resolution text console on a 17" monitor. I get the giant default 80x25 display instead. Running "vidcontrol -i mode" returns no information at all. This is a 2015 vintage...
  18. Incnis Mrsi

    Effects of kernel drivers on video adapter

    Hello. Ī am long accustomed to handling of video adapters by Linux. But now doing some setup and testing with FreeBSD 12.1 where things go differently. In spite of all my efforts, the system (except for Xorg) makes no reasonable job on video modes: not a single time did...
  19. goshanecr

    Solved How to do matrix effect on console after booting?

    Good day! There is a port which provides matrix effect misc/termatrix. If it running by hand on a logged console all works, but I want to get it working right after booting. I try to do that by creating /etc/rc.local #!/bin/sh su username -c /usr/local/bin/termatrix & After booting it starts...
  20. A

    Backspace doesn't remove utf-8 multibyte characters on console

    In FreeBSD 12.1 backspace in terminal only deletes one byte of multi-byte character. For example: # cat > /tmp/test tы<backspace>t # cat /tmp/test t�t # hexdump -C /tmp/test 74 d1 74 0a Where 'ы' is a Russian letter (D18B in hexadecimal form). You may see that only second byte of multi-byte...