1. J

    MariaDB 10.4.6 my.cnf missing

    Hi, I installed MariaDB version 10.4.6 from the packages (pkg install) and although everything works I can't seem to find the my.cnf anywhere. Anyone know if the installation hides a template someplace, or know where I can find a FreeBSD-tailored one?
  2. H

    Solved no vt resolution settings available?

    Hello, I have been using FreeBSD many years ago and was mostly on Linux. There have been many developments that I don't really like, so I decided to go back to FreeBSD and try my luck once again. Here is my problem: I just installed FreeBSD a few weeks ago and am trying to tweak some stuff...
  3. selflessscoundrel

    NSD configuration for Authoritative name server

    Ok, so I am having weird issues with NSD. I thought they were firewall issues but my pf rules seem good. To rule out firewall issues, I disabled pf and installed nsd on the main server instead of in any kind of jail. Once I have my config and zone file set, I run service nsd start and when I...
  4. M

    Can't find smb4.conf

    I've installed FreeBSD 11.2, and i've installed samba too, I use pkg install samba command. When the setup is completed, it says 'your configuration is on /usr/local/etc/smb4.conf'. But when I go to /usr/local/etc directory, I can't find smb4.conf file. I go to /etc and i t same the file is...
  5. rumate

    Solved Jails configuration

    Hi all, I wonder if it is possible to define automatically starting services in /etc/jail.conf? I can set an IP address for a jail, define the NIC to use, give a hostname and other variables. I couldn't start apache24 using exec.start, I assume, because this service isn't enabled in the jail's...
  6. R

    lightdm configuration issues

    Hi, I'm using lightdm with lightdm-gtk-greeter, and after an hour configuring it, I didn't found a way to have the users list displayed at startup. BTW, dbus and hald are started, greeter-hide-users is false. Cheers
  7. B

    Virus & Security

    I write this with the objective of talk about security and viruses in FreeBSD. Once i read in a page about this OS the steps for installing an antivirus. Since that i started to think: how much security this system have? But, if we consider that this system could be configurable to be more...
  8. K

    USB Ethernet adapter Setup Issues

    Hi, I am building firewall using pfsense 2.4.0-BETA (11.0-RELEASE-p11) on Dell E6330, with Microsoft USB Ethernet adapter. Even though it is not on the compatible HW list, I am able to bring it up as LAN interface, and the firewall works properly with multiples PCs on the LAN. However, the...
  9. P

    How to import configuration FreeBSD files in a new machine?

    Hi guys, I'm new FreeBSD user, and in my job has a FreeBSD running as router, and I need to "copy" all configuration to a new computer running another FreeBSD version. How can I do it??? Current Version: FreeBSD 9.1 New Version: FreeBSD 11.0
  10. T

    Help me identify exact kernel (and X11) options for my HW

    Hi there, Can you help me find which exact kernel configuration and X11 options I need to optimize my system for FreeBSD? My hardware is an Acer Extensa 2509 with these components Intel Celeron N2930 2 GB RAM DDR3-1600 Intel HD Graphics (Bay Trail) 820 MHz igdumdim64 Seagate Momentus Thin...
  11. N

    Prevent core dumps from going to kernel log messages

    How can I prevent core dumps of user programs from going to kernel log messages? At the moment if I am programming and happen to make the common error of segmentation fault, it ends up getting emailed to root like this: kernel log messages: +pid 75441 (ds2-test), uid 1001: exited on signal 11...
  12. G

    When adding user account, cannot add member to group wheel or anything else

    Hello Forum, I think I may have enabled too many security features that prevent me from adding any user account to groups wheel and others during the installation. I am not sure of how to get these back to not enabled post-installation. At least enabling the superuser account privilege for a...
  13. Sevendogs

    Solved Configuration

    I didn't see any other threads dedicated to this so thought I'd post, plus scottro offered so here we go! I went through several web pages on the subject but the (custom) build is not working. here's what I did: Pulled the dwm source to my build directory using git. Copied config.def.h to...
  14. amiramix

    pipelight and playonbsd

    Port emulators/playonbsd depends on emulators/i386-wine-devel and emulators/pipelight depends on emulators/i386-wine-staging. So when I want to install pipelight pkg asks me to uninstall playonbsd. Does it mean playonbsd is incompatible with pipelight? Are two versions of wine really necessary...
  15. P

    Some quirky things about building the kernel

    Hello. I created the config file as a non-privileged user and then as a root user, soft linked this file into /usr/src/sys/amd64/conf. Later on, I compiled the kernel with make buildkernel KERNCONF='name-of-new-conf-file'. It went straight ahead without flagging any error or anything. As...
  16. nonTechnical

    MySQL installed - but without config example files - why?

    I've just installed databases/mysql57-server on a new server, but can't see the example config files in /usr/local/share/mysql or anywhere to copy to run the server. I've used: $ sudo find / -name "mysql*" 2>/dev/null and /usr/local/share/mysql/ has: my-default.cnf mysql-log-rotate...
  17. Vinicius Agassi

    Help with Network (URGENT)

    Hi dudes, so no I have a big problem with my dedicated server... It was working perfectly, but then, I run the command /etc/rc.d/netif restart and my server falls... My service provider has no experience with FreeBSD and provided me access to KVM / IP. I need put this in configuration: IP...
  18. P

    Xorg configuration Intel HD 3000 black screen

    Hello! I have Intel HD graphics 3000 integrated in core i5 2540m CPU and no other graphics subsystems. FreebsdFreeBSD-10.0 RELEASE. I've followed handbook to have a display manager and installed a pre-compiled version of xorg (through pkg install xorg) and tried startx for auto-configuration...
  19. Jose Maldonado

    Question over /etc/rc.conf and hald_enable

    Hi everybody, I'm a newcomer at world of FreeBSD, for years I used Debian and Gentoo GNU/Linux, and now my new computer have a FreeBSD desktop with XFCE, and I'm very glad with this OS. My question is for /etc/rc.conf and the option hald_enable="YES", in my readings over installing and...