1. B

    Code process development

    This time I'm asking how to create, well, basically, code. I'm not mean a "hello world", I'm mean something alike the drivers, the programs, etc. All the things that conform the system. Just curiosity. Edit: Sorry, my english is reasonably good, but I hadn't repaired in that the title should be...
  2. Nicola Mingotti

    Solved Is this a bug in the Forum Code widget ?

    Hi, I was posting a block of code in a discussion when I saw the code is not correctly represented in the Forum. I put here the code in a CODE block and also in a file. Comparing the two you will see that e.g. this part is not correct in CODE block. ==== (0..4).each do |i| .... end...
  3. grahamperrin

    Apparent loss of leading white space

    Not yet sure whether this is a bug in XenForo, or related to a custom CODE tag. The result of pasting to an insert code dialogue: i) one ii) two iii) three iv) four v) five vi) six vii) seven viii) eight ix) nine x) ten AFAICT: where the true text has one leading white...