1. D

    Other Target variable assignment in make

    I'd like to do the following target variable assignment in make. It works in GNU Make but not in BSD Make. test: clean debug_compile debug_compile: ERLCFLAGS += -DTEST debug_compile: compile compile_test; Make reports "don't know how to make ERLCFLAGS". Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. senenmut

    what bsd compilation is best for desktop pc update in 2021 ?

    Hello , simple update. the reason for my question is to receive some opinions what compilation of bsd is actual the best in 2021. i know GHOSTBSD and that is the best from my actual knowledge. freebsd is the best indeed , however in this posting i ask for a extended version with full gui and...
  3. sidetone

    Other Screenshots of BSD Window Managers for X11

    Thread for screenshots of BSD style window managers for X11. Common ones are listed below, organized by type. Floating; Mouse x11-wm/blackbox - C++, developed on FreeBSD x11-wm/enlightenment; x11-wm/e16 - C, EFL x11-wm/fluxbox - C++, previous fork of blackbox x11-wm/jwm - C, Xlib - uses XML...
  4. Cesc

    Create UFS system for backups

    Hello everyone, I have an extra hard drive and I would like to use it for small backups, How can I format it in UFS and add it in fstab?
  5. RedPhoenix

    So I Found This Website Where It Says That FreeBSD Is Based On The Linux Kernel... fsck? :( And in particular, here is the part of the Page where I got confused. The pic is attached below. Why, God, why...? :'‑( The whole page is not entirely inaccurate, but spreading wrong information is bad for those looking for a solid understanding of such...
  6. RedPhoenix

    No Sound In FreeBSD :(

    So the title is pretty self-explanatory. First, let me say this: FreeBSD DEFINITELY sees my Sound Card, but I'm unsure as to how to make it work. Here's the output of dmesg | grep pcm: pcm0: <Realtek ALC282 (Analog)> at nid 20 and 25 on hdaa0 pcm1: <Realtek ALC282 (Analog)> at nid 33 and 18...
  7. stratacast1

    What are your thoughts on this article?

    My friend shared an article with me on "Are the BSDs dying?" I'd like your opinions on this Maybe it's because I switched my personal servers to FreeBSD, but I see there is...
  8. M

    l2tpd troubleshooting on FreeBSD 11.1

    Hi, I am trying to setup IPSEC/L2TP VPN client on FreeBSD 11.1, I got security/strongswan working and I can see it establish the connection, now trying to setup net/l2tpd, Following is the configuration: /usr/local/etc/l2tp/l2tp.conf [global] access control = yes Port = 1701 [lac l2tp] lns =...
  9. B

    Help Connecting to the Internet through BSD

    For an assignment we have to connect two workstations to the internet through an HP server running BSD. The WS are connected to a switch that runs to eth0( network) and eth1 is connected to the schools internet network. Gateway is enabled, the server is connected to the...
  10. kuroneko

    Why FreeBSD over Linux for desktop?

    Hello everyone. I would like to know why would FreeBSD be a better choice than Linux. I currently have Linux (Debian). So I would like to know what are the benefits of using FreeBSD as a desktop over Linux. The things I do pretty much are programming and digital art(when I feel like it), I don't...
  11. Drahos Madar

    getting IP and MAC of all peripherals

    Hey guys I'm new @ BSD and this forum - so sorry if my question is duplicated or somehow not in line with rules of this web (as far as I have investigated none of those apply) I was asked to write a program (python preff) which will return IP and MAC of all peripherals connected to server...
  12. E

    Can I run *BSD on my lenovo

    I have a lenovo z40-70 intel i3-4030U 8GB RAM NVIDIA 720m I have both windows & linux installed but I use NVIDIA prime package to switch GPUs I mostly use the Intel GPU so that I can hibernate the PC. I was wondering if my hardware would be compatible or if I would need to tweak it in order...
  13. P

    PF I have issues with the pf.conf being loaded

    I am new to Linux/BSD. I am using a Debian system with a KFreeBSD kernel. Whenever I try to initiate PF with the pf.conf as below, it gives the error as in the image. My pf.conf is, pass inet proto icmp from any to any pass log (all) proto icmp from any to any altq on le0 cbq bandwidth 500Kb...
  14. fnoyanisi

    Twenty Years of Berkeley Unix

    A bit long, but definitely worth reading... Anybody spending sometime hacking net80211 code would definitely recognize some names that are mentioned in the article
  15. strule

    Error loading trusted certificates

    Hey guys, I'm having this problem since this morning when I pkg update Updating trueos-base repository catalogue... Fetching meta.txz: 100% 1 KiB 1.5kB/s 00:01 pkg-static: Error loading trusted certificates repository trueos-base has no meta file, using default settings Fetching...
  16. R

    C/C++ setreuid() returns "operation not permitted" even it was sudo'ed

    Hello, I was testing one of my software on FreeBSD ,Where in the software i've been trying to replace the Real/Effective UID and GID of the process using below two functions setregid(),setreuid(). But these both functions return -1 as a result(when i got the errno to print it ssys "operations...
  17. geek

    What Windows versions would the BSDs be?

    If the different BSDs (e.g. FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, DragonFly BSD, maybe others) were versions of Microsoft Windows, what would they be in your opinion?
  18. Kalero

    FreeBSD and *BSD documentaries

    Hi! I open this thread to talk and discuss about any video documentary about FreeBSD and other *BSD systems, made or in mind to be made. Does anybody know some video documentary about *BSD?