bhyve networking

  1. F

    bhyve VNET interconnect vm-bhyve + jails

    Hello Unfortunately, due to a lack of suitable real hardware at the moment, I can't try it out myself or experiment, and so far I haven't found the necessary information to answer the following question: I want to set up a FreeBSD 14 host running various containers and virtual machines. I...
  2. K

    bhyve Bhyve VMs network speed test: OpenBSD 3x slower than FreeBSD?

    Hi, Host machine: FreeBSD 14.0 Got two bhyve VMs; OpenBSD 7.4 VM and FreeBSD 14 VM. Tried to have a network test from host machine to both VMs with iperf3, the results were interesting. From host machine to FreeBSD VM: FreeBSD VM brings a speed of; Transfer: 7.07 GBytes - Bitrate: 6.08...
  3. K

    bhyve Move VMs from vmswitch to vether0?

    Hi all, today I've learned and been reading about VETHER(4). Virtual ethernet interface on FreeBSD, wanted to try it for my VMs networking, activated it as such; pkg install -y net/vether-kmod kldload if_vether ifconfig vether0 create ifconfig vether0 up My VMs currently are...
  4. I

    Networking card (10g ethernet and wi-fi 6e) compatibility

    I'm trying to find out if these 2 networking cards are compatible with FreeBSD. Specifically, I need bhyve to "passthru" them into a guest VM (either FreeBSD or OpenBSD). 10G Ethernet card Wi-fi 6E card I went through the hardware list and found something "TP-Link" but it does not state the...
  5. D

    bhyve No network on guest when bridged from wi-fi interface

    Hey guys, well, here is the whole tale: And here is the tl;dr: Got into freebsd these days, freshinstall I dont know much about networking No firewall (pf) and anything No nat Followed up the...
  6. B

    bhyve bhyve vm can't ping or connect to external ips

    I have setup srv-io on mce(4) with a VF mce2: PF { device: "mlx5_core0"; num_vfs: 8; } DEFAULT { passthrough: true; } VF-0 { This interface is added to a bridge. mce2: flags=8963<UP,BROADCAST,RUNNING,PROMISC,SIMPLEX,MULTICAST> metric 0 mtu 1500...
  7. BaronBS

    general/other virt-host-validate don't recognize if_tap module

    I want to tryout virt-manager with bhyve. But it doesn't recognize the if_tap module. {beastie} @ FreeBaSeD-T430 > /home/beastie → kldstat -v | grep if 398 if_lo 402 if_vlan 401 if_tap 400 if_tun 399 if_tuntap 397 if_gif 99...
  8. S

    bhyve Help with bhyve networking

    Hi friends, I decided to use FreeBSD as a daily and it has been great so far (figured out lots on my own with some help from this great community of course!). But I have something that has me tearing out my hair - I have VM's on bhyve and they run beautifully but for one thing: networking. I...
  9. nbari

    How can I utilize a Gif/GRE tunnel to reach a VLAN from a bridge when only having WiFi?

    I am using vm-bhyve to manage VM's, I create a switch with something like vm switch create -i igb0 public all works fine as expected but now I would like to create VM's in another network segment the one I can only access via VLAN, the problem is that I have only Wi-Fi and can't send the vlan...
  10. byrnejb

    Solved Is it possible to add another virtio-net i/f to an existing bhyve vm?

    Is it possible to add another virtio-net i/f to an existing bhyve vm? If so then how is it done?
  11. H

    bhyve bridge not passing traffic between bhyve vm and external hosts

    I'm using vm-bhyve to manage. I created a switch as: vm switch create -n 2000 -i bge0 b2k then assigned an ip to the interface created: ifconfig bge0.2000 then assigned this bridge to my vm. the vm has no vlan configured. from Inside the VM: I can ping (the hypervisor...
  12. BaronBS

    general/other I just can't use any VM

    So I just need virtualization working with a graphical setup and network. I tried: FreeBSD host with VBox FreeBSD host with Bhyve VM-Bhyve Long history short: with VBox the vm's don't even boot, just a black screen. And with bhyve (any setup), everything works fine beside network. I'm using a...
  13. icodeforyou

    bhyve Alpine / Debian Linux setup via vm-bhyve not getting DHCP lease

    Hey everyone! I am trying to set up a Linux VM using bhyve for the purpose of running docker on my FreeBSD laptop (which is essential to have due to my development workflow). However when setting up a Linux VM using either Debian or Alpine images, I am unable to get the network working properly...
  14. Chris_ch

    bhyve Bhyve rtt/performance drop

    Dear Round, to reach a Bhyve VM i can observer that the RTT/latency is sometimes increasing to more then 100ms, but i'm not able to see why 64 bytes from icmp_seq=530 ttl=64 time=0.703 ms 64 bytes from icmp_seq=531 ttl=64 time=0.418 ms 64 bytes from
  15. R

    Solved bhyve vm start/stop causes lan interface to up/down

    I'm using vm to manage virtual machines under FreeBSD-13.0. Start/stop of vm causes this: Jul 3 23:33:15 proviant kernel: tap0: link state changed to DOWN Jul 3 23:33:16 proviant kernel: igb0: link state changed to DOWN Jul 3 23:33:16 proviant kernel: gsm: link state changed to DOWN Jul 3...
  16. D

    Vlan configuration for Bhyve

    Hi there, currently I have a FreeBSD 12.3 Server for a school project. The goal of this project is to create a website from which you can create virtual machines. This works atm. The other goal of the project is to create bhyve switches with vlan id's so that the machines with the same vlan id...
  17. LordInateur

    Network Issues w/ LAGG + VMs

    Hello, all! I have an interesting setup that I'm hoping to get a little bit of help with. Before I start: please yell at me if some of my formatting is wonky-- I'm used to markdown, but not so much the styling that the FreeBSD Forums asks for, so if I've done something that needs to be...
  18. pela0

    bhyve VM-BHYVE no WAN access

    Hi guys, I'm setting a new bhyve server, which is working flawlessly except for one machine not having access to internet, I can't figure out why...I'm using vm-bhyve for quite a while now with no problems at all.... I just can't understand why it's not working... I have some VMs working fine...
  19. B

    bhyve No Network Connection From bhyve Guest With PF Enabled

    EDIT: 17MAR2021 I would like to make a quick note showing how I solved this. I actually noticed my mistake after reading reading this forum post. I never allowed my vm-bhyve interface vm-public through my firewall. Because my default setting is to simply block everything, my VMs weren't...
  20. B

    bhyve No network connection from guest with vm-bhyve

    I am having some difficulty getting vm-bhyve working. Actually, I am having difficulty getting bhyve to work at all, but I opted to try vm-bhyve because it seems easier to use and manage compared to the native tools. I am trying to run a Linux guest (I have tried Ubuntu and Fedora) using...