asterisk pbx

  1. ogogon

    Huawei E1550 with voice: Does anyone have practical experience?

    Colleagues who already have such experience, tell me, please! I'm trying to set up work with a Huawei E1550 3G modem, but I don't quite understand how to connect to it. The modem is unlocked to work with any operator and its voice functionality is unlocked too. This is important to me as I am...
  2. ogogon

    DAHDI: spin lock (dahdi_timer_lock) too long; kernel panic

    Colleagues, tell me how to solve my problem - periodically the system reboots and the following messages appear in /var/log/messages: kernel: spin lock 0xffffffff82b85d60 (dahdi_timer_lock) held by 0xfffff80045905000 (tid 100750) too long kernel: panic: spin lock held too long I use...
  3. RevennaFox

    PBX Server Guru Help Needed

    I guess I should probably start by explaining what I'm trying to do. I have a pair of Grandstream HandyTone analog telephone adapters that I need to work with incoming and outgoing calls to a SIP trunking provider over Asterisk running on a remote FreeBSD server. The ATAs are behind NAT, the...
  4. nerozero

    Cannot compile textproc/iksemel

    Cannot update asterisk port, - error while chompiling textproc/iksemel ver 1.5 (meduketto-iksemel-1.5-978b733_GH0): --- libiksemel_la-md5.lo --- mv -f .deps/libiksemel_la-md5.Tpo .deps/libiksemel_la-md5.Plo --- libiksemel_la-tls-openssl.lo --- tls-openssl.c:27:3: error: incomplete definition...
  5. sidetone

    Opensource communication frameworks: XMPP, SIP, AMQP, MQTT, CAP, IAX

    An opensource framework allows interoperable and inter-organizational use between different offerings (or servers). Signal can't be compared in this category, because it is simply an opensource client offered by one provider or organization, and not a standard for interoperable use: it can be...
  6. Yandri Loor

    Certified Asterisk installation failed

    hi i am trying to install Certified Asterisk 16 - LTS but i have a crypt_r error ld: error: undefined symbol: crypt_r >>> referenced by crypt.c:124 >>> crypt.o:(ast_crypt) >>> referenced by crypt.c:139 >>> crypt.o:(ast_crypt_validate) >>> referenced by...
  7. mickey

    Any working SIP softphone for FreeBSD?

    I am looking for a working, lightweight SIP softphone client that runs on FreeBSD. Right now I am using net/linphone which works but has some audio buffer problems and I don't like the UI one bit. I also tried net-im/ekiga which I had been using on Windows many years ago, but it fails to detect...
  8. sidetone

    How is SIP/SIMPLE for an XMPP alternative?

    How is SIMPLE for an XMPP messaging alternative? Both are accepted IETF open-source standards. XMPP is great, except it has a lot of overhead (sometimes heavy lag) because it uses XML. Is SIMPLE as secure as XMPP?
  9. F

    Asterisk: undefined reference to `crypt_r'

    I wanted to install asterisk on my FreeBSD 12.1-Release PC from asterisk source code. I managed to install packages on /usr/src directory, however make command outputs error /usr/local/bin/ld: crypt.o: in function `ast_crypt': /usr/src/asterisk/asterisk-17.5.0/main/crypt.c:124: undefined...
  10. nerozero

    dahdi is missing a required shared library:

    hello, today after running check I have found this message: # pkg check -Bsdr Checking all packages: 100% dahdi is missing a required shared library: # locate /usr/local/lib/ /usr/local/lib/ /usr/local/lib/ I have...
  11. S

    asterisk support and how to

    hello i wanna know it is possible installing asterisk on freebsd 11 and if it is yes so could you send me the instruction for how to doing it ?
  12. Phishfry

    IP Telephony and home phone

    I have not used much online services like Skype, but I would like to do a mostly hardware IP Telephone solution. With the impending 3G shutdown I need to revert back to telephones. What is a step-up from MagicJack? One line for home use. I might like an oldschool RJ11 handset too.(Is MagicJack...
  13. ogogon

    Asterisk13 from ports & MySQL application

    Colleagues, tell me, please, the answer to this question. I have been successfully using the Asterisk package for a long time, which I install from ports. But now I needed his MySQL application. I select option "MYSQL" in partition "Database support" of "make config" and recompiled my...
  14. R

    Use a voice modem as an answering machine?

    Strange question: Is anyone using their FreeBSD machine as an answering machine, using a voice modem? Here's why I'm asking. Our traditional landline phone connection at home has been a little unreliable (long story), including the phone company turning voice mail on and off. Which is really...
  15. mariourk

    Solved Asterisk SRTP issues

    I'm trying to setup Asterisk in a FreeBSD jail. I'm not calling myself an expert, but I do have experience with managing Asterisk in Ubuntu, Debian and even a Raspberry Pi. So, I know where I want to go. I have the basics working and I can make calls, but only when I disable encryption. As soon...
  16. J

    Asterisk 15.1.2 & pjproject-2.6

    Greetings! :) I try to install Asterisk 15.1.2 from packages, on the FreeBSD 11.1 cd /home/jora_cornev wget tar -zxvf asterisk-15.1.2.tar.gz cd asterisk-15.1.2 ./configure But, in the first step arise...
  17. Norbert Szczybelski

    Asterisk VoIP Server over OpenVPN in Tor Hidden Service.

    Good Evening. Generate encryption keys with OpenSSL. OpenVPN server openvpn.conf configuration file: mode server tls-server dev tun proto tcp-server port 1194 server ca /vpn/ca.crt cert /vpn/server.crt key /vpn/server.key dh /vpn/dh2048.pem tls-crypt /vpn/ta.key cipher...
  18. goshanecr

    Asterisk AMI binds to random port

    Hi friends! I try to research net/asterisk13, and setup it. I have not change any configs except manager.conf. In manager.conf I set enabled=yes and add section with user: [admin] secret=secret read = system,call,log,verbose,agent,user,config,dtmf,reporting,cdr,dialplan write =...
  19. j4ck

    MPD5 question

    We are trying to implement a native ppp protocol support for DADHI driver. Currently mpd5 is responsible for some protocols such as ppp. I have a question here, what is the need of using an user-land program like mpd5? Isn't it possible to take the control of ppp support in the DAHDI driver...
  20. wmoreno3

    Solved pid xxxx (asterisk), uid 931: exited on signal 11

    I have had problems with asterisk: The problem arises with asterisk's update. /usr/local/etc/rc.d/asterisk start dmesg -a pid xxxx (asterisk), uid 931: exited on signal 11 anyone had an idea ? My system: FreeBSD mydomain 10.1-RELEASE-p6 FreeBSD 10.1-RELEASE-p6 #0: Tue Feb 24 19:00:21 UTC 2015...