Solved Asterisk SRTP issues

I'm trying to setup Asterisk in a FreeBSD jail. I'm not calling myself an expert, but I do have experience with managing Asterisk in Ubuntu, Debian and even a Raspberry Pi. So, I know where I want to go.

I have the basics working and I can make calls, but only when I disable encryption. As soon as I enable encryption, I see this in the CLI:

chan_sip.c:10864 process_sdp: Matched device setup to use SRTP, but request was not!

I know from experience (from other setups) that it should work. But it doesn't... And I can't figure out why, which is driving me crazy.

I do feel this has something to do with FreeBSD, since I never had this issue on any other platform. Maybe some depencency that's missing an option?

Any help would be most appreciated :)
I found the issue!

The option SRTP was still set to disabled in the advanced security settings of the phone...

I feel so happy and stupid at the same time ;)