1. C

    Enterprise-wide Web Archiving, Filtering, Logging Proxy

    I'm working on a system which I'd like to: Act as an enterprise-wide proxy with thousands of concurrent users. Log sites accessed by users/machines along with times and HTTP response codes (at a minimum.) Update a local style archive in a space-efficient manner, wherein subsequent...
  2. StreetDancer

    jails ezjail-admin archive (does it have special code in it's tar process) ?

    Hey Geniuses, I am wondering if anyone knows if ezjail-admin's archive feature that tar.gz's /usr/jails/[ezjailname] does more than just tar.gz it? I am having difficulties archiving and restoring without pax errors (part 2, etc) which are beyond 2GB (I don't have an ezjail-admin archive in...
  3. Lamia

    Solved ARC conflicts with ARCANIST-PHP

    I can't install clamav antivirus owing to arc and arcanist-php (for mattermost) conflict. Kindly advise pkg-static: arc-5.21p conflicts with arcanist-php73-20210113 (installs files into the same place). Problematic file: /usr/local/bin/arc
  4. V

    pkgng archives for EOL releases (8,9) not being provided?

    For some personal interest reasons, I attempted to install FreeBSD 8 in a VM. When I try to pkg update it, it says is 404ed. homepage listed versions 8 and 9, but all mirrors of them give me a 404. And
  5. herrbischoff

    FreeBSD-compatible email archiving software

    In the past I had successfully used Mailpiler with some patches, unfortunately the developer has decided to focus exclusively on Linux and introduce explicitly BSD-incompatible changes. Also, no support is given should you somehow make it work. Therefore, I'd like to ask around if someone has...
  6. timypcr

    Access/modification time set failed on: ./var/empty

    Hello, I run three jails on a FreeBSD 11-release host, and manage them with ezjail. One of the jails generates an error when attempting to archive it. ezjail-admin stop reminder ezjail-admin archive reminder pax: Access/modification time set failed on: ./var/empty <Operation not permitted>...
  7. F

    Archiving personal email

    Morning all, I currently have a little over a decade of personal emails (~7GB), these are all tucked away in yearly folders that are stored on the server and generally sync'd to each device I sync email to. I'm looking at moving email provider and thought it would be a good time to move these...
  8. A

    backup media ?

    Hi, Just wondering what is a common, durable, reliable media for backups. Do people keep hard drives in the closet that work forever, or is optical media better... Tape storage? Is a pen-drive good for long term? Are Cd's better than DVD's or vice-versa? I have several music cd's that...