1. imnotaduck

    FreeBSD 14 and MacMini Late 2012 Hardware Support

    Hello everyone, It's been some years that I haven't posted here, although I'm here quite often reading the contents of this forum in a week basis to help solving my issues. Today, I'm not going to post any question but then, some info about the hardware support of the MacMini Late 2012. You...
  2. ScottBeeker

    Anyone Interested in building OS Kernel in Rust??

    Looking for 1 - 3 developers comfortable in Rust that may want to come together for a new multi platform operating system. Androids and Apples eventually Rust.
  3. Keve

    Solved FreeBSD on Apple Silicon

    Has anybody here tried FreeBSD 13.0 on an M1 Mac? I wonder how it works. Any experience to share?
  4. L

    general/other Issue(s) booting FreeBSD 12.2 aarch64 on Parallels Desktop on Apple Silicon

    I've succeeded in importing the 'FreeBSD-12.2-RELEASE-arm64-aarch64.vhd' into the Parallels Desktop 16 for Mac M1 Preview Edition by converting the given .vhd into .hdd and substitute the .hdd file in the .pvm. However, after booting, issues occur that I can't do anything else. As you have...
  5. K

    Porting freeBSD to macbook pro 2015

    Hello all, I am a new user to FreeBSD and I decided that I wanted to move from MacOS to FreeBSD. I am currently using a Macbook pro from 2015 and I want to do the transition from MacOS to FreeBSD for both privacy reasons and familiarize with another operating system. I am currently studying...
  6. decuser

    Mac Pro Keyboard Numeric Keypad not responding

    Is there a keymap that corresponds to an apple keyboard with numeric keypad? How can I select it post install?
  7. wardbones

    Embarrassing Question About Xorg

    Years ago, when we had to tool our xorg.conf for pretty much any install, things were different and now xorg seems to configure itself quite well provided you have the right driver. However, I'm on a MacBook Pro 8,1 with a touchpad and the the default setting for the touchpad only allow single...
  8. wardbones

    Broadcom 4331 Wifi, ndis crashes the kernel

    Hello, friends. I followed the directions in the FreeBSD Handbook and everything went really well. I made a mistake the first time and made a 32 bit module but I loaded it and unloaded, no problem, didn't show ndis0 under ifconfig but when I made the 64-Bit module, as soon as I kldload the...
  9. R

    [powerpc] iBook G4 USB Boot issues

    I have a ibook G4 that doesn't have a working cd drive :/ I am using the current build's memstick image, latest as of posting this thead. I am getting an "Invalid Memory Access" while after the kernel gets loaded so i'm guessing before execution. I have tried multiple OS including OpenBSD, many...
  10. tangles

    Solved booting MacPro1,1 with 32bit EFI (not BIOS/Legacy)

    Hello, I'm wondering if anyone is able to offer some suggestions: Hardware: MacPro 2006 (has 32bit EFI) 32GB RAM 2 x QuadCore Xeon 64bit CPUs (have been upgraded) 6 x SATA ports 2 x PATA ports Anytime the Mac boots using Legacy BIOS and not EFI, only 4 SATA ports are recognised, temperature...

    FreeBSD 12.00 on MacPro 1,1 2006

    Hello,I recently installed FreeBSD 12.0 on a MacPro 1,1. Due to the EFI being 32bit I had to use this website and tool to remove EFI functions from the installer. Worked great for creating an...
  12. patpro

    Keymap for french Apple USB keyboard

    I all, I'm looking for a keymap that would allow me to use my external extended Apple keyboard, french layout (USB) on FreeBSD 11.2-RELEASE. I'm currently using /usr/share/syscons/keymaps/fr.macbook.acc.kbd but it's not satisfying: can't find antislash, tilde, pipe, etc. Any help appreciated!
  13. H

    Apple's Magic Trackpad for FreeBSD

    Greetings. I would like to use Apple's Magic Trackpad 2 for my Freebsd desktop, and I'm wondering if there's a driver. It seems that there's a driver for Macbook's touchpad, but not sure if it also works for the external Magic Trackpad 2. Apple touchpad driver...
  14. K

    Installing FreeBSD 11 on PowerMac G5 (beside Debian)

    I have a G5 Power Mac with Linux and i would like to install FreeBSD on it. However, whenever i try to install it, it completely destroys the partition tables on ALL disks and rendering Linux to unbootable. (FreeBSD also cannot boot.) I've read in the manual, that on PPC sysinstall cannot...
  15. E

    FreeBSD on Macbook 12"

    Hi, I'm trying to install FreeBSD 11 on my Macbook 12" retina, but I encountered the following problem: once the system loads and appears the Welcome Menu, where I can chose between install, shell or LiveCD, I cannot move on because the keyboard is not working. The only key working, luckily, is...
  16. QdK

    Solved FreeBSD on MacBook Pro (with iGPU, brightness & suspend/resume!)

    For those who want to run FreeBSD on a MacBook Pro, here're some tips to enable the iGPU, screen brightness and get suspend/resume working. Specifically, the Late 2011 model works when following this guide. However, this solution will probably work for a number of MBP models. YMMV. Both the...
  17. drscream

    Solved Looking for touchpad improvement for MacBook

    Dear all, i'm looking for an improvement or solution to setup and configure the touchpad on X11 correctly on my MacBook Air. Currently I'm running FreeBSD 11-CURRENT and using the atp -- Apple Touchpad Driver. The touchpad is working on the frame buffer and X11 but it's really hard to use. I...