Solved Connecting with Android through USB

Is there an easier way to find connected devices in the /dev/ dir than plugging in and taking out and comparing? I want to setup a file server and I have most of the content on my android and apple phones, so I would like to transfer the content via USB. Are there more practical ways to do this?
With Android, you can use jmptfs. (Requires fuse to be loaded). I don't think it shows as a device per se, I have always had to mount it somewhere and then access it. I don't know about iPhones.
To me the most convenient way is to run an SSH server in Android and copy files using scp(), you can also install sysutils/fusefs-sshfs in FreeBSD to mount it. There are several options for SSH, currently I'm using Termux (a container you can install any Linux package in it, not just open-ssh).