Zoneminder and autoconf2.62 incompatibility

Hi all, for the past few days I have been attempting to get a non-official port of some CCTV software called 'Zoneminder' working on a freshly installed FreeBSD 7.0 Release system.

The port was apparently created using the autoconf 2.61 tools by a member of the Zoneminder community, however it complains during building that autoconf 2.61 cannot be found, version 2.62 installed if I wish to use this version I should rebuild the build system entirely. Version 2.61 is apprently not available within the ports collection. The Zoneminder FreeBSD port is available for download on their forums here:

I have tried following the instructions on the autoconf website here:

If I extract the package to the /usr/ports/multimedia/Zoneminder folder, then cd into the work/ZoneMinder-1.23.3 directory apply the patches under ../../files/* and then following the instructions on the automake website I then

mv aclocal.m4 acinclude.m4
automake --add-missing

finally I cd to the /usr/ports/multimedia/Zoneminder and make install to be presented with the error @AUTOHEADERS@ not found

If I try to run autoheader within work/ZoneMinder-1.23.3 I am told no headers found in

Can anyone help me get this port updated so it will build using autoconf2.62? I have of course attempted to contact the author, but have received no response.

Kind regards,

Sorry but it seems like the host that was hosting the port is no longer available. So I can not check it out to see if I could get it working
I'' retry building the port tomorrow I haven't had time yet really but it seems to me that it should work fine something in your system could be messed up or something I didn't check the zoneminder tar file yet to see if it had a in it which some systems use