1. H

    installing zoneminder replaces php80 with php81

    I installed zoneminder a few days ago and everything was fine, until I ran pkg upgrade. It installed php81 and removed php80 The problem is that the version available in pkg is not compatible with php81. And it doesn't seem to have a dependency to php81. Why is pkg insisting in installing...
  2. Phishfry

    Auto setup Zoneminder....

    What is the objection to having a large port making configuration files for typical usage. I do understand that installing MySQL config file over an existing config file could be bad. I guess what I am getting at is Zoneminder on Debian is just apt-get install zoneminder. FreeBSD Zoneminder...
  3. R

    zoneminder not exists in lastest FreeBSD-12 pkg database. have no zoneminder package have it Why? UPD. Also zoneminder from ports refuses to build too: root@proviant:/usr/ports/multimedia/zoneminder # make install clean...
  4. S

    Zoneminder install

    Hi can someone help me to install zoneminder on freebsd 13
  5. A

    Zoneminder installation from ports

    Hi! I'm trying to install Zoneminder from ports, FreeBSD 13 (in jail). Ports are from git, commit: commit 4978b514c3f6c78307336a29335aa13c60dd1a19 (HEAD -> main, origin/main, origin/HEAD) Author: Bernard Spil <> Date: Wed Jul 7 19:54:40 2021 +0000 www/mod_http2: Update...
  6. B

    separation of IP cameras

    Hello All, I would like to ask more experienced users how to conceptually approach the following task. I have a subnet running a file server and backup machine in iocage jails (jails' IPs are on the same subnet). I would like to install IP cameras with zoneminder again running in...
  7. reddy

    (Bind Nameserver) Looking For CLI Tool to Ease Management of Zone Files

    I would like to set up an authoritative DNS server using BIND for corporate use. I find the syntax of the zone files quite verbose so I am wondering if someone is aware of a CLI tool that somehow eases the management of these zone files. Any idea or pointer would be greatly appreciated 😀
  8. K

    Zoneminder 1.34 install Freebsd 12.1

    I have tried to install zoneminder in a freebsd jail. After installing and configuring nginx , mysql57-server, fcgiwrap and php-fpm zoneminder does not start and posts the following output. root@zm:/var/run # service zoneminder restart 05/17/20 08:30:57.660080 zmpkg[7003].INF [main:310]...
  9. Buck

    Video surveillance software recommendations

    I'm looking for a no-frills simple CLI-only software (no GUI dependencies) to record video and audio feed from a USB camera connected to a FreeBSD box. Motion detection would also be good to have. Any recommendations?
  10. Phishfry

    Anybody using motion with IP Cams?

    This post is concerning multimedia/motion. An open source motion detection and recording program. My BlueCherry on Linux APU2 computer croaked so I am rebuilding my Digital Security System. First I tried Zoneminder again and my experience was actually worse this time, So I tried ZM on Devuan...
  11. U

    Zoneminder install failed

    I had FAMP installed before I started install Zoneminder so it might ruined my install. I removed Apache before started Zoneminder install. % sudo service zoneminder stop DBI connect('database=zm;host=localhost','zmuser',...) failed: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket...
  12. B

    FreeBSD CCTV

    Would it be possible to install FreeBSD on a CCTV system such as this? Not sure what processor is used or how to find out...
  13. Phishfry

    Security NVR Software

    Well I had an encounter that my Zoneminder did not catch so I decided I could not rely on it. One option available on Linux is BlueCherry. It runs in a server mode. I installled Deb8.6 on my Zoneminder rig, An APU2c4 with 256G mSATA and it works as planned. CPU utilization is high with motion...
  14. andrian

    kernel: WARNING (zmc): ioctl sign-extension ioctl

    Hello people. I have the problem. I set up zoneminder and he very fine works. I use two usb web-camers over webcamd. My problem is that: after run zoneminder in the /var/log/messages writes intensely many strings. Aug 25 02:00:00 freebsd kernel: WARNING pid 52962 (zmc): ioctl sign-extension...
  15. Phishfry

    Zoneminder status with Arecont Cameras

    I was wondering how well the zoneminder port works? What is a reasonable amount of cameras it can support? I am using Arecont cameras 5MP with the Arecont Windows software and I want to make the switch to FreeBSD. I have one installation with 8 cameras and one with 12. I have a couple at home...
  16. D

    Zoneminder 1.3

    I notice Zoneminder 1.3 is in the ports list but I haven't been able to locate any multimedia forum posts about Zoneminder 1.3 although there are a few posts in the same area about earlier versions of Zoneminder. Presumably if there were any they should be in the same forum area as the port. If...
  17. A

    Making a port for ZoneMinder

    I'm making the port for ZoneMinder, I have several questions: 1. I need writable directory under /usr/local/www/zoneminder I try to do it in post-install section of Makefile @${MKDIR} ${STAGEDIR}${WWWDIR}/images @${CHOWN} ${WWWOWN}:${WWWGRP} ${STAGEDIR}${WWWDIR}/images I see directory in stage...
  18. T

    zoneminder 1.28

    Has anybody tried installing multimedia/zoneminder version 1.28 under FreeBSD? The version is ports (1.25) is pretty old.
  19. A

    Hardware sizing for IP cameras

    Hello Readers, I'm seeking advice on hardware recommendations for a server which needs to serve IP cameras and make live or recorded videos available. The setup will have 8 cameras (HIKVision DS-2CD2132-I). The claimed frame rate is 30 fps with 1920 x 1080 resolution, and the highest...
  20. N

    zoneminder 1.25.0_5 on freebsd 10 - zmu - SIGSEGV

    Hello, At the moment I am in trouble with a fresh FreeBSD 10 i386 zoneminder 1.25.0_5 (compiled with ports tree). I have no idea how to proceed - so you are my last hope :) The binary zmu of the standard-zoneminder i386 port compilation fails with SIGSEGV. The other binaries work - zmc, zma. I...