xen xen-kernel doesn't start at all

Tieks tried to minicom two sessions: first on /dev/cuaU1 (that has a lockfile and an initfile) and second on /dev/cuaU3 (with pass 1, too) on the dell desktop as main target with zen is still on Monterey Beta 6 to Beta 7. I get the following:
Welcome to minicom 2.7.1

Compiled on Sep 10 2021, 14:36:08.
Port /dev/cuaU3, 00:45:07

Press CTRL-A Z for help on special keys

on 'sudo minicom -b 115200 -D /dev/cuaU3 and this on the /dev/cuaU1:

Welcome to minicom 2.7.1

Compiled on Sep 10 2021, 14:36:08.
Port /dev/cuaU1, 00:45:07

Press CTRL-A Z for help on special keys


but writing togehter isn't possible. will try on Xen-machine after this stupid iOS-update (30hours and so in recovery mode --- this is a lotta lost time!)

do I make something wrong? It happend that I fell over the serial cable diagonal thorugh the room but it just plugged out, no demages like falling PC from the table to the floor and is dead or so.

mutterhunt said:

This looks like you have a connection to a Hayes compatible modem, either hardware or software emulated. It seems to answer 'OK' and 'NO CARRIER' to your AT-commands here. If that is correct, then you probably have a straight cable instead of a null modem cable. A DTE (computer/terminal) needs a straight cable to connect to a DCE (modem). You may want to try commands ATI0 to ATI9 (inquiry command) to identify what you're connected to.

You tested the right way. My pc has 4 serial ports. If port 3 is connected to port 4 with a null modem cable, text entered in minicom connected to port 3 will show up in minicom connected to port 4. Without null modem cable that won't work.

One more thing, you mention /dev/cuaU, with a capital U. I'm running FBSD 13.0-RELEASE-p4, my serial call-out devices in /dev are named cuau1 to cuau4. Which FBSD version are you using?

mutterhunt said:
I fell over the serial cable diagonal thorugh the room but it just plugged out

Similar experience here. I don't understand why they want you to secure these connectors by tightening the screws on them . It's downright dangerous!
ok, this thread is really protracted. Because this cable my business-realtionship with amazon ended after 23 years, the other one (0-modem) did never arrive. I'll get one online on Friday, takes till next week,

sorry for this,

P.S.: the tightening of the screw thx godness didn't fit into the adapter....
and: an adapter from the Haswell-line to the jack-out of my PINE64 mobile, as I want to bring FreeBSD on it (difficult as no image wants to boot, with jumpstart or just dd, no matter, isn't able to turn on at the moment!).

Makes sense and I'll send messages to the electronic shops in the German-speaking world firstly, if fails, going to the US for it.
ok, guys, got this zero-modem-cable now and booted with serial console. Here's the output:

sudo minicom -b 9600 -D /dev/cuaU0

______ ____ _____ _____
| ____| | _ \ / ____| __ \
| |___ _ __ ___ ___ | |_) | (___ | | | |
| ___| '__/ _ \/ _ \| _ < \___ \| | | | , ,
| | | | | __/ __/| |_) |____) | |__| | /( )`
| | | | | | || | | | \ \___ / |
|_| |_| \___|\___||____/|_____/|_____/ /- _ `-/ '
(/\/ \ \ /\
+---------- Welcome to FreeBSD -----------+ / / | ` \
| | O O ) / |
| 1. Boot Multi user [Enter] | `-^--'`< '
| 2. Boot Single user | (_.) _ ) /
| 3. Escape to loader prompt | `.___/` /
| 4. Reboot | `-----' /
| 5. Cons: Serial | <----. __ / __ \
| | <----|====O)))==) \) /====|
| Options: | <----' `--' `.__,' \
| 6. Kernel: LIZBETH-VERBOSE (2 of 2) | | |
| 7. Boot Options | \ / /\
| | ______( (_ / \______/
| | ,' ,-----' |
+-----------------------------------------+ `--{__________)

Loading Xen kernel...
/boot/xen data=0x27e9c8+0x143638 -
Loading kernel...
/boot/LIZBETH-VERBOSE/kernel size=0x1bd0ca8
Loading configured modules...
splash_pcx.../boot/LIZBETH-VERBOSE/splash_pcx.ko size 0x32a8 at 0x2194000
cuse.../boot/LIZBETH-VERBOSE/cuse.ko size 0xb060 at 0x2198000
kernel.../boot/entropy.../boot/entropy size=0x1000
splash_txt.../boot/LIZBETH-VERBOSE/splash_txt.ko size 0x2c78 at 0x21a5000
/boot/splash.../boot/splash size=0x1d4f6
green_saver.../boot/LIZBETH-VERBOSE/green_saver.ko size 0x2a70 at 0x21c6000
if_tap...fusefs.../boot/LIZBETH-VERBOSE/fusefs.ko size 0x26698 at 0x21c9000
snd_driver.../boot/LIZBETH-VERBOSE/snd_driver.ko size 0x4e98 at 0x21f0000
loading required module 'snd_vibes'
/boot/LIZBETH-VERBOSE/snd_vibes.ko size 0x62a0 at 0x21f5000
loading required module 'snd_via82c686'
/boot/LIZBETH-VERBOSE/snd_via82c686.ko size 0x5ed0 at 0x21fc000
loading required module 'snd_t4dwave'
/boot/LIZBETH-VERBOSE/snd_t4dwave.ko size 0x6010 at 0x2202000
loading required module 'snd_spicds'
/boot/LIZBETH-VERBOSE/snd_spicds.ko size 0x3228 at 0x2209000
loading required module 'snd_solo'
/boot/LIZBETH-VERBOSE/snd_solo.ko size 0x85e8 at 0x220d000
loading required module 'snd_sbc'
/boot/LIZBETH-VERBOSE/snd_sbc.ko size 0x66f0 at 0x2216000
loading required module 'snd_sb8'
/boot/LIZBETH-VERBOSE/snd_sb8.ko size 0x6550 at 0x221d000
loading required module 'snd_sb16'
/boot/LIZBETH-VERBOSE/snd_sb16.ko size 0x6268 at 0x2224000
loading required module 'snd_neomagic'
/boot/LIZBETH-VERBOSE/snd_neomagic.ko size 0x126a0 at 0x222b000
loading required module 'snd_mss'
/boot/LIZBETH-VERBOSE/snd_mss.ko size 0x135b0 at 0x223e000
loading required module 'snd_maestro3'
/boot/LIZBETH-VERBOSE/snd_maestro3.ko size 0xc908 at 0x2252000
loading required module 'snd_maestro'
/boot/LIZBETH-VERBOSE/snd_maestro.ko size 0xbf20 at 0x225f000
loading required module 'snd_fm801'
/boot/LIZBETH-VERBOSE/snd_fm801.ko size 0x4b58 at 0x226b000
loading required module 'snd_ess'
/boot/LIZBETH-VERBOSE/snd_ess.ko size 0x8ce0 at 0x2270000
loading required module 'snd_envy24ht'
/boot/LIZBETH-VERBOSE/snd_envy24ht.ko size 0x9f20 at 0x2279000
loading required module 'snd_envy24'
/boot/LIZBETH-VERBOSE/snd_envy24.ko size 0xb358 at 0x2283000
loading required module 'snd_ds1'
/boot/LIZBETH-VERBOSE/snd_ds1.ko size 0xdb68 at 0x228f000
loading required module 'snd_cs4281'
/boot/LIZBETH-VERBOSE/snd_cs4281.ko size 0x7208 at 0x229d000
loading required module 'snd_atiixp'
/boot/LIZBETH-VERBOSE/snd_atiixp.ko size 0x7ee0 at 0x22a5000
loading required module 'snd_als4000'
/boot/LIZBETH-VERBOSE/snd_als4000.ko size 0x6608 at 0x22ad000
loading required module 'snd_ad1816'
/boot/LIZBETH-VERBOSE/snd_ad1816.ko size 0x9278 at 0x22b4000
/etc/hostid.../etc/hostid size=0x25
if_bridge.../boot/LIZBETH-VERBOSE/if_bridge.ko size 0xe4d8 at 0x22be000
loading required module 'bridgestp'
/boot/LIZBETH-VERBOSE/bridgestp.ko size 0x7860 at 0x22cd000
splash_bmp.../boot/LIZBETH-VERBOSE/splash_bmp.ko size 0x3ed0 at 0x22d5000
EFI framebuffer information:
addr, size 0xe0000000, 0x300000
dimensions 1024 x 768
stride 1024
masks 0x00ff0000, 0x0000ff00, 0x000000ff, 0xff000000
just forget the sound-things, they are obsolet in search of a HDMI-output problem, but the rest is more interesting than a simple foto, or? I got to work a 0-modem-cable, lucky, lucky! I goes I will spy many system from now on...

but btt: this is the standard output when booting and not unsetting xen_kernel. I thought it would be a bit more verbose as I did the VERBOSE_KERNEL=2 on building it.

what does this mean now?