What mail client do you use, and why? (not a poll)


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Indeed, same here. I am using an email provider at the moment. I would like to operate my own private mail base in the future.
All mail is fetched using the periodic utility, I just have to read and maybe send via mutt.
In my /etc/rc.conf I have the following lines :
and fetchmail is reading my ~/.fetchmailrc command file to retreive my mails from my providers.


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At work (tons of mail) I use fetchmail,notmuch and afew in combination with mutt. On my own mail-server i (10-20 mails a day) i use Mailpile which is a client with a webui. I can recommend both solutions.


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I used to use Mutt with my personal email provider, but discovered that the email provider did not support their POP clients as well as their webmail clients. It seemed the POP system was tier II, so to speak. The Mutt or NeoMutt type of application can have CVE issues just as well as any other software ( CVE-2018-14349, for example). In my case, I decided that my email provider's security updates/patches were untimely and insufficient, and so I just went with webmail.

For an email system set up such that I could support both ends myself, I'd use POP and keep everything patched.


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I use a paid email provider and only IMAP because email is essential to my daily life and I need to be able to get all email on every device I own and use. My main confusion with command line email clients is remembering the keyboard shortcuts and not accidentally deleting a bunch of stuff, or moving it somewhere I didn't intend :p. mail/sylpheed is certainly light enough and I am not hurting for resources. I get these momentary curiosities about cli clients, but then once I try them, I remember why I don't use them...


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Paid email provider (fastmail), IMAP only; Thunderbird on Windows and FreeBSD, and whatever that default client is called on my iPhone.


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I'm still stuck on neomutt in combination with isync for syncing and msmtp for sending.

I use this combo because I like how fast and easy it is to read through email, filter out stuff I don't care about and write up replies using my emacs editor.

... Also, I'm lazy and refuse to change.


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mail/sylpheed is my mail client. Some years ago I wanted to tune a 32 bit Linux system and changed to small, speedy applications. Sylpheed was my choice and I did not change this in the meantime. After the migration to 64 bit Linux and now to FreeBSD it's still in my favourite software suite.



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The work is finished for me, at home:
postfix, procmail, fetchmail and ..... mutt format: mbox.
What esle guys ! ?