What is your favorite text editor?

Aren't there just like 10 commands listed?


Please follow the link from the previous comment – "visual comparison" – there was a screenshot.

Why do nano and ee people need a constant reminder of how to use that editor?

We do not. Please see the first two screenshots below.

See my sig below.

FreeBSD is a professional operating system for professionals.

Here, a reminder of how nano can appear to a professional:

– the word Cancelled is not constant, it was contextual.

ee, without its info window:

… continuously in front of your eyes. I find it disturbing. …

Above: ee and nano, both disturbance-free.

… memorize them and be done …

Getting started with vi, memorised:


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Why do nano and ee people need a constant reminder of how to use that editor? Aren't there just like 10 commands listed? I see many remark that's a feature (that they're listed) but why don't they just memorize them and be done with that silly thing?
I knew without looking I would have to post these screenshots so I had them ready.



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You know when you get a Trihexagonal screenshot, it is embellished with a graphic too.
You are in error. The examples entered into evidence are not to enhance, but to educate:

To enlighten those that can't be bothered to open a terminal and enter the command ee and follow it up with a file name prior to posting.

To define definition those dictionary deprived:

1. to beautify by or as if by ornamentation; ornament; adorn.
2. to enhance (a statement or narrative) with fictitious additions.
Ee is what you expect as a newcomer coming from another operating system where text editors these days behave like that, like notepad or text edit, the other two (vi, ed) are posix. Emacs is good but does too much, I want a text editor not a second operating system.

Maybe time for me to stop using Code - OSS.

– not the first time that all open files have disappeared, but this time I'm less hopeful of recovering data.
It is not the best of ideas to replicate system commands like sed, tee and others in a text editor.
Agreed. Being able to pipe text through filter programs instantly give the editor an *infinite* number of features.

The only reason a developer of an editor would chose not to provide this functionality is because they simply didn't know about it or if their target market would be better off with a consumer phone anyway.