1. Buck

    Other Bayes classifier with learning ability a la spamassassin's?

    Hi folks. Looking for a bayes classifier that would work on pieces of small text that either exists as a port (feeding text to it via CLI) or a PHP solution. The idea is that I pipe a piece of text to it, then manually assign some pre-set tags (like e.g. 'junk', 'helpful', 'question') in the...
  2. -Snake-

    What is your favorite text editor?

    I would like to know which text editor you use in FreeBSD, I like vim very much to program, for very simple things I usually use nano. Which one is your favorite? PD: This does not try to be a flame "emacs vs vim" just a nice debate.
  3. zorb847

    printing text to network printer

    I think this is a printer problem, not a network problem I am new to FreeBSD and don't understand something - please be patient. I have an old OKIdata ML192 printer that I would like to be able to use just to use to print plain text files. I have followed the instructions in the handbook and my...
  4. goshanecr

    EE - base system text editor and UTF-8

    Good day All! Friends, whether somebody can tell to me, is any work on support of Unicode in text utilities of base system is conducted? For example it is impossible to edit the text using the excellent ee editor if in this text there are Unicode symbols. Since we have full unicode aware...