Solved What did you think of the FreeBSD Discord channel


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Well, unless you tell us what client you installed it will be quite hard to tell you how you have to start it. If you want something graphical i'd recommend irc/hexchat. If you prefer CLI i think irc/irssi is popular. If you go for irc/hexchat there should be a popup the first time you run it (i figure it would be in your application menu or something? - sorry, i have no clue about MATE) where you can select a network. Choose freenode. With irc/irssi i think irssi -c -n yourname should get you connected.

Once your on the server you should register your nickname (see for instructions). Once that's done you can join the relevant channels with /join #freebsd or /join #freebsd-social. You can also join without registering but only the #freebsd-social one as the other requires registration. Good luck ;)

Thank You! I'm now registered and looking forward to re-establishing with users of FreeBSD!
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I think it's a fun way to centralize and fragment the community into allegiances to corporate overlords.

Seriously, why would they put all this work into an ostensibly customized IRC client and not come up with some way to monetize that ties your loyalties to the platform.

"Fun" extensions to the IRC protocol like message annotations, UTF-8, and standardizing on ZNC functions should be considered critical infrastructure.



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Love it or hate it, finally FreeBSD is on the Discord! I read the announcement on the Valuable News – 2020/09/28. What do you think of the FreeBSD Discord channel? …
I know, this is an old topic, but until today I was completely unaware that some people had begun using Discord.

First impression (literally, my first post): what should have been an ordered list didn't appear as such; didn't have the customary indent.

Markdown Text 101 (Chat Formatting: Bold, Italic, Underline) – Discord I guess that support for Markdown is somewhat limited.

… in the future maybe Matrix.


Mozilla made a smart decision there.