What are you doing with FreeBSD?


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I use it at work for everything: Perl scripts to extract human readable output from very user-unfriendly physics codes (written by physicists, mostly for themselves), preparing articles and presentations with PDFLatex, Xfig and Gimp, surfing with Opera and Konqueror, sending/reading E-mail, reading nonstandard E-mail attachments (.doc, .ppt, .xls ;) ) with OOo .....

I also use it as my desktop at home: Surfing, paying bills, E-mail, retrieving music and movies (ctorrent), listening to music (Amarok and xmms), watching movies (Xine, Mplayer), editing pictures (Gimp), watching pictures (GQview), storing music on IPod (GTKPod). I also write scripts in perl and sh, mostly to amuse myself, but sometimes they turn out to be useful. :e



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In my house, the rule is, if it's not a desktop system (so any kind of server), it runs FreeBSD exclusively. My desktops also frequently flirt with FreeBSD (time limitations have slowed me from installing it on my newest machine).

Currently, for my personal work, I run: A FreeBSD router/firewall (actually this is pfSense but I have had to manually copy over some ndis drivers from a FreeBSD virtual box that resides on my desktop system).

I also run a FreeBSD web/file-server that hides behind the router/firewall.

Everything is 7.x and since it's all fairly critical, I don't move away from RELENG_7_X (-RELEASE-pX only, no -STABLE).



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Using it for: As desktop i use Xp Pro, in tandem with Xfce (and previously Fluxbox). About 99% of adminwork gets done over ssh (thank God for putty), but it's a matter of taste, i guess :)


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Desktop at home/work, full-flavour servers at work.

The only thing that makes me keep a remote XP box is lack of Alladdin eToken support for emailing.



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Our preferred hosting platform is FreeBSD, so I probably see inside 50 FreeBSD machines a day :)



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Video game server.

I am running a small power-efficient dual-core Xeon FreeBSD server which is colocated in a datacenter with a very good internet connection. I have this server so that I can run video game servers. I run a couple of server processes for the video game UrbanTerror (/usr/ports/games/iourbanterror). I am hosting custom maps for this video game via Apache HTTP server.


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i am using my FreeBSD as a desktop to launch my Windows via QEMU. I need to do this since Windows is suck, i need to reformat my Windows every 4 months since its getting slower because my Symbian development compilation. So i put all of codes in shared folder inside FreeBSD and compile that code inside Windows :D


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In my ISP days: mail (smtp (Sendmail/Postfix)/pop3 (built-in, UW, Dovecot)/imap (built-in, UW, Dovecot)/virus scanning (ClamAV, BitDefender, McAfee)/spam filtering (MailScanner, SpamAssassin + blacklists)), news (news serving (INN)/news feeding (Diablo)), authentication (Radius etc.), web hosting (Apache/PHP/MySQL etc.), NFS, DNS (BIND, rbldns), rsync servers, mirror servers (incl. FreeBSD and TUCOWS mirrors), NTP, firewalling (PF, IPFW), routing (incl. Zebra), all in all about 125 servers in several countries/continents. At home: two mail/web/DNS/SSH servers, laptop (X, WindowMaker). 100% FreeBSD, historically from 2.2.5 to the most recent STABLE.



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Hum lets see...Web Servers (Apache, Ligthy, and testing nginx), Mail Servers, Database Servers (MySQL, PostgreSQL), IDS, Monitoring servers (nagios).

For everything that needs very stable systems and lots of uptime, I don't consider linux for this kind of projects, there is nothing like bsd.


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I run it at home, mostly for file storage. It's 7-STABLE on a 2.0GHz AMD Sempron with 2GB of RAM, running zfs and samba, a couple of mirrored disks. I also have a few other things, like MRTG (gets SNMP stats from my Tomato router). Also, I like to play around with it, because I'm a geek. :)

Previously, I've used FreeBSD as a router/firewall solution, at home. My first system was a 486 DX/2, 66MHz, probably 4 or 8MB of RAM... A 14.4 modem and a NE2000 NIC, I think 2.2.5 was the first version I ever used.



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Mail/Web server

I use it as a general mail, shell, DNS and www server. It used to also act as an IPv6 router and firewall, but the Airport Extreme I bought does a good enough job that it took over that role.



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I use FreeBSD for desktop use and as a web developer. Browsing the internet, checking my mail, etc.


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I've got the following:

1 desktop running 8
2 webservers, one development and one live running 7
1 nfs server running 7.1

Been thinking about putting fbsd on my laptop, but last time I tried it I couldn't get the fan to calm down.



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Are there no polls on this forum?

We could have had this categorised :)

1) Desktop
2) Server
3) Development
4) Storage

and ability to multi-select would be good.

I use 3BSD as my webserver and sometimes on desktop!


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I've used FreeBSD for:
- setting up public services: WEB, DNS, FTP etc.
- PhP and Perl development
- hosting MySQL and PostgreSQL
- network monitoring with Cacti
- Asterisk module development as well as production Asterisk
- CDR log and reporting for Avaya DEFINITY PBX's
- firewalling with Packet Filter
- Sharing my home internet connection and ssl tunneling to my home net
but most of all I've used FreeBSD for Learning.

I've never used it as a desktop though :-|


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I'm using FreeBSD for a web, ftp, NFS, and DB server. Use Ubuntu on my other desktop and Dell laptop.


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I use FreeBSD as my primary desktop. I only have a laptop right now, but FreeBSD is the only OS on it. :)


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Well, I am a newcomer when it comes to FreeBSD. Honestly I tried 5.5 FreeBSD but then it didn't work with my mobo. But now I installed 7.1 and I am intending to replace Fedora 10 with it for my everyday use : email, browsing internet, c++/c/java/bash/perl programming, music in the background, video, experiments with networking . Too bad 64 bit geforce drivers haven't been released by nVidia and I'm stick with 32 bit version.

Cheers :)