What are you doing with FreeBSD?


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I'm using FreeBSD for almost Service server, such DNS Server, Mail server, File server, FTP server, Proxy Server and Routing Dynamic (BGP), Etc.


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1 home server DNS and sendmail
1 work server which has 2 jails for FAMP
1 home laptop currently my main desktop


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I run FreeBSD 7.0 inside of vmware 5.0.0 inside of Windows XP. Primary use? Programming a new compiler, and general desktop frivolousness. Running KDE 3.5 because GNOME irritates me and I can't stand any other setup except windowmaker and fluxbox. Once my current Windows-based project is completed in the spring, I will deepsix Windows and install FreeBSD on top of its ashes.

My wife and I run a small web host, but we use CentOS servers rather than FreeBSD. I hope to change that someday.



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Secured server(s) (MAC, geli) used via NX, laptop use. Running ERP (openerp), openoffice, django, seaside, erlang on server, f-spot & gimp for my photos on laptop.



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My file server runs FreeBSD on an Athlon. It has a couple of SATA RAID5 arrays using a High Point RAID card.

My experimental replacement runs ZFS on FreeBSD on an Athlon64 using the onboard SATA.

I also use OpenBSD and PF on my firewall using the slowest machine I have. It's recently been upgraded from a 486 to a P4.


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We use FreeBSD for making a VERY widley used family of commercial anti-spam RBLs. We have something like 100 FreeBSD 4.10 and 6.3 systems.

On top of that we have a SaaS anti-spam system that's another few dozen FreeBSD MTAs and a few FreeBSD postgres databases backing it up.

I couldn't be happier with the outcome.


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For $REALJOB I use it for Secure Database Servers (GELI and MySQL), Web Servers(Apache), DNS(TinyDNS & DNSCache, Mail(Postfix), Monitoring(Nagios, Cacti, Smokeping, NfSen), and Jails for running creepy PHP apps. We see a decent amount of traffic, 60k+ mails/day on the primary machine, 6 million web hits across 4 machines (2 in each datacenter+2 datacenters to give us the redundancy we like). All running FreeBSD 7.0

For home: ZFS for my file server, web, mail, dns, etc. All running FreeBSD 7.1-PRERELEASE


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Desktop and programming environment.

Programming => Java, C, C++, Perl, bash and Cobol.

Desktop => day to day use.



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A mini-server farm (half a dozen servers) to run a fairly busy web site (with Apache::ASP for the pages), associated databases and content management. All amd64 (except our online backup server) and all FreeBSD (except for one Linux back sheep, shortly to be addressed!).


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I work for an ISP, so i use it for everything:

Mail Server
WEB, Billing

i dont use anything else except BSD;)


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Hi, I`m useing FreeBSD now for quite a while I started with 4.x long time ago, because FreeBSD is like lego, it gives me hundreds of possibilities. Mostly I use it as Desktop System (Fluxbox + Rox). And I love it, FreeBSD is the only reason for me to have a Personal Computer ;-)




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Main Desktop OS.
Lots of text writing ...
C, Perl, Shell programming (recreational porposes).
Studying, playing with source code (recreational porposes).
Some gaming ... Quake3 mostly ... Frets On Fire, Doom 3 and some others too.
Music, Mail, Web ...

Every day stuff :)



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  • Mimisbrunnr: NFS and Samba
  • Nidavellir: XMPP
  • Ginnungagap ( once I get around to replacing Debian with FreeBSD ): HTTP, XMPP, and FTP
  • Bifrost: Firewall ( Pfsense )


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running freebsd as a FAMP server, mostly with drupal and my hand coded sites.

squirrelmail and postfix for the users, sendmail and dovecot for myself.

I would be using it on my laptop if it wasn't a toshiba with the accursed bouncy keys problem.



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Using FreeBSD on my Soekris, router/nat/gateway/firewall, whatever is needed.


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I used it for common Internet and desktop tasks, however I would like to use it for Educational Purpose but have problem with installing software! My aim is to make it for university level use by installing Mathematical and engineering software on it!


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It is my main OS: doesn have M$ home, only in work
So: programming: c/c++/java/opengl, watching movies, listening music, storing photos and simply ALL


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At home my FreeBSD box is my file server for some Windows desktops, it runs apache for some very simple webserving, and I also run squid with SARG for reporting so I know when my 12-year-old stepson is looking at porn! It also runs Transmission for torrents, as it's the only box left on all the time.

At work I have an old PIII that I run as a syslog server for some network equipment. It also does some monitoring and even logs into some Cisco equipment in the case of a WAN outage to make some changes I simply couldn't do with redundant routes! I also run network scans from it, it runs arpwatch, and I will possibly be making it a secondary SMTP gateway.

I run VMware's ESXi on an old server at work and have several virtual FreeBSD builds on it so I can learn PF. When I feel confident with it I'll replace my router at home (currently a Buffalo router running DD-WRT) with an old P4 box running PF for my router/firewall solution. (And make the current router just an access point!)

I just started getting into FreeBSD about a year ago, and I'm no expert. But I've found I really admire the philosophy behind its design. I'm not ready to go full desktop at this point (still using Windows for that), but for a fairly static role like a server I think it's just fantastic, and I love the consistency and simplicity it has.


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i used it as desktop with freebsd-6.2 and enlightenment 16,but there will have some problem about desktop font that i think.


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At home:
Home server for file sharing, web development (Apache/PHP/MySQL, Ruby on Rails), storage for external backups, acting as local DNS, DHCP, SMTP and IMAP server aswell. RAID-1 using gmirror, it already saved the day a few times (you coming back from vacation, seeing a degraded mirror on a running box instead of a dead box).

At work:
FreeBSD intranet boxes. We're doing all our web development, external backups and file storage on them. RAID everywhere (gmirror on some, hardware RAID-5 card on the biggest one).

Absolutely not thinking of going back to Linux for this kind of server stuff, FreeBSD rocks... I like the clear operating system structure :D I tend to do X.X-RELEASE upgrades whenever they become available, using freebsd-update... great tool, never went wrong.



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at home (FBSD 6.3):
- desktop, laptop
- print server (cups) (with my own FreeBSD liveCd)
- firewall (with my own FreeBSD liveCd)
- wifi-vpn server (with my own FreeBSD liveCd)

at work (FBSD 4.11, 6.3):
- desktop (xp to FreeBSD via vnc, never lost a document, xp crash not my FreeBSD box :) )
- database server (MySQL)
- Web server (Apache - tclhttpd)
- cvs repository

Still love it since FBSD 4.8