Solved Webpage/HTML validator/checker using FreeBSD

I'm trying to use ports from FreeBSD to validate webpages.

www/weblint has worked before, but is now giving me an error message. www/weblint++ works, but it's only allowing me to use one file/webpage at a time, when I try to cat an output a list to it. I use grep to filter out excessive messages, that aren't for checking validity of html. Also, I have to temporarily turn off perl blocking on a website for this to work, unless setting it to retrieve using curl may work. I like the way weblint functions over weblint++, if only it would work.

www/validator looks interesting as it uses W3C standards. However it's not a program, and I'm unsure how to make use of it. I'm thinking that I load the file or program onto my webserver, or I need to host the webpages myself. I would need a hint or basic instruction on how this would work.

For checking for broken links, one that I used (I forgot which), www/linkcheck or www/linkchecker worked well.

* Update:
www/weblint is obsolete and will be removed. www/p5-HTML-Lint works well, and it uses the same command to operate. For basic use, it's solved.

I'm still curious about how services like www/validator and www/p5-webservice-validator-html-w3c would be made to work.
I use that, and I like it. I want something that can process multiple links quickly and from my computer. Inserting links to check one at a time is tedious and time consuming. I could use a script to send multiple requests to W3C online, but I also want it more convenient than that, and not use a lot of pings to their service for many pages. I followed up with the W3C online validator that's easier to pinpoint where the errors were, once I know which pages had errors on them.
www/p5-HTML-Lint provides the weblint command, and it needs www/validator installed in order to run correctly.

weblint --only --structure `cat link-list.txt`|\
grep -v "Unknown element"|grep -v "should be written as"|\
grep -v "is unknown" ;date
This works well.

www/weblint++ provides weblint++. This command needs the verbose argument set to see output.

www/p5-webservice-validator-html-w3c and www/p5-webservice-validator-css-w3c are interesting ports. I wonder if they would be used similarly to www/validator as a backend.

www/validator may be the preferred one, as it can be used from your computer. The descriptions of www/p5-webservice-validator-html-w3c and www/p5-webservice-validator-css-w3c say these aren't officially from w3c, and to use these wisely to not abuse the online validator service.