1. sidetone

    How can I create a txt sitemap of a website?

    How can I automatically generate a sitemap of a website as a text file? A sitemap.txt file that only contains links. It can be done manually, but maybe a shell or other script could do it? There's nothing in ports for this. An automatically created XML sitemap could be useful too, but I'm more...
  2. Cath O'Deray

    FreeBSD Journal: accessibility, and registration

    Compare: <> for January/February 2019 <> for March/April 2019 With older editions, it was possible to...
  3. sidetone

    Solved Webpage/HTML validator/checker using FreeBSD

    I'm trying to use ports from FreeBSD to validate webpages. www/weblint has worked before, but is now giving me an error message. www/weblint++ works, but it's only allowing me to use one file/webpage at a time, when I try to cat an output a list to it. I use grep to filter out excessive...
  4. jdb

    C Best HTML parsing library for C++

    Hey guys :) I am searching for a HTML parsing library for C++ with xPath support. Thanks in advance :D
  5. aragats

    Replacement for Thunderbird?

    Mozilla products get more and more bloated and unusable... So Palemoon is a great replacement for Firefox. How about Thunderbird? Of course, there exist many email clients. Personally I don't need GUI in most cases and use mail/mutt at home. However, I have to use mail/thunderbird at work since...
  6. Rastko

    lagg0 denies router config

    Hi, I have set up the lagg0 failover virtual link that aggregates ethernet and radio adapters on my laptop. Everything works fine, except I cannot access my router configuration page. I've changed the firewall script to use interface "lagg0" in the rules, but I didn't change much, and the...