Solved Video is very slow

I just installed Gnome3 and now I have trouble with the very slow graphics performance.
Any Idea to improve its perfomance/speed?
OS: FreeBSD 10.2
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It's a Haswell processor but with only "Intel HD Graphics", not 4400 or 4600. The intel driver might work with it.
Unfortunately, at this time, there isn't that much you can do if the Intel driver isn't working.
While many of us can, and do, use FreeBSD as a desktop (or on a laptop), its hardware support lags behind Linux. Much of FreeBSD's development is aimed towards being a server platform. I go to the trouble of using it on my workstation and a laptop, for example, mainly so that I"ll be aware of some things that I might need or want to use on a server. There are limited resources.

The downside for Linux is that even distributions like RedHat, which are aimed (in theory anyway, or at least in my opinion) at the server market, this desktop mentality makes them less efficient as servers--one simple and obvious example is that RH dropped the text installer in favor of concentrating on their GUI installer, and on various CentOS forums and mailing lists, one now sees people having trouble installing because their video card isn't supported, and the text installer is completely crippled, prohibiting the user from choosing packages or custom partitioning.
FreeBSD needs more voluntary testers to get the hardware support up to date. The FreeBSD developers working on these drivers have access to some hardware but that's absolutely not enough because different manufactures have a nasty habit of using different BIOSes/UEFI firmwares and are allowed to do their own customizations to the hardware in firmware, that's why the only way to get the devices supported is have them tested by FreeBSD users and fix the problems bases on the feedback. Linux trumps us in sheer number of users and they have commercial backing that allows things like having some of the code tested professionally before it gets released.