Trouble with drm-fbsd13-kmod pkg since 13.1-RELEASE

In the most recent release, I had trouble getting my AMDGPU firmware to work because after installing graphics/drm-fbsd13-kmod via pkg and adding it to rc.conf, the init system would freeze on "Loading kernel modules". It's frustrating since I just got a shiny Dell monitor that stopped displaying the bootup sequence (BIOS, bootloader, and init) until my graphics driver is loaded, so to see what's going on and launch into single-user mode I have to plug in my old one.

I got past the "loading kernel modules" part by compiling drm-fbsd13-kmod from ports, but I'm not sure what's different since I was using the latest branch of packages. I currently have drm-fbsd13-kmod locked and everything is well, but it'd be nice to figure out what's going on. I couldn't find any bug reports on this.
The pkg repository are only build with the oldest supported release branch (ie: 12.3 and 13.0 at the moment), so after a minor upgrade there is a 3 month period where some kernel based package will not work when there is an ABI incompatibility between minor release. Which can be the case with drm-kmod. Note that since you are using 13.1-RELEASE, you could use the newer graphics/drm-510-kmod or if it does not work fallback to graphics/drm-54-kmod
My guess would be: no firmware installed. Before the firmware package was split up into individual packages, there was a dependency, so the one package with all firmwares was installed automatically.

You can start by installing gpu-firmware-kmod (which pulls in each and every firmware) and then read here:
When did you last run pkg upgrade?


sysrc kld_list

grep -v \# /boot/loader.conf | sort
Yesterday, but since I have it locked it won't be upgraded. According to Freshports it hasn't been updated since May 8th.

sysrc kld_list gives amdgpu.

It is in latest for the three tier 1 platforms: <>.

Thank you for pointing the platforms section out. I was trying to install drm-510-mod which is not available for the FreeBSD:13:amd64 platform.

graphics/drm-54-kmod installs fine, but it freezes the system at boot, at line "Loading kernel modules".

Am I correct in assuming the gpu associated with Intel Tiger Lake CPU is not dealt yet by drm-54-kmod?

Does that mean one needs to wait for RELEASE-13.2 to have drm-510-mod available?
Im having to revive this issue because on my most recent install it's occuring regardless of which port, whethers its drm-fbsd13-kmod, drm-54-kmod, or drm-510-kmod, that I build. Ive built all of the aforementioned and it freezes on loading kernel modules.
I have an RX 580, so green sardine didnt apply to me. I did all flavors, and it seems to have worked, I assume my hardware is being probed as polaris which sounds right. I get an error about polaris being unable to be loaded. Because of this failure X still doesnt work.

EDIT: Turns out if you do not specify a flavor, no modules are installed. By specifying polaris10 this installed the needed modules and it now works. Thanks a ton!