Solved Supermicro 1150 vs 1151 for bhyve

Between the two sockets which one should I go?

  • 1150 (Haswell)

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Hi guys! Any notable difference on choosing socket 1151 for FreeBSD vm-bhyve?
I want to be able to use:
My setup is raidz3 SSD. Will ZFS Raidz3 SSD's benefit more in socket 1151 (Skylake)?
Here are the difference between the two. Aside from Socket 1150 (Haswell)
being cheaper, should I go buy Skylake?

Intel® Xeon® Processor
E3-1220 v3 (8M Cache, 3.10 GHz)

Bus Speed
5 GT/s DMI
Max Memory Size (dependent on memory type)
32 GB
Max Memory Bandwidth
25.6 GB/s

Intel® Xeon® Processor
E3-1220 v5 (8M Cache, 3.00 GHz)

Bus Speed
8 GT/s DMI3
Max Memory Size (dependent on memory type)
64 GB
Max Memory Bandwidth
34.1 GB/s[/port]
RAID-Z is the wrong VDEV type for a VM host. You'll get more bang for your buck out of the system with mirrors instead of RAID-Z. Given the number of SATA ports and max. RAM per system there is no reason for n-3 redundancy. A SSD mirror can rebuild fast enough for RAID 1+0 (a pool of mirrors) to offer enough redundancy. The only reason i could see for 3-way mirrors is the higher read performance.

One advantage of the Skylake CPU + mainboard could be NVMe support. A single NVMe SSD can outperform a 4 four SATA SSD RAID 1+0. You can add an other NVMe SSD via a PCIe to M.2 adapter card. Each M.2 adapter should offer the full 4 lanes for optimal performance.

The doubled max. RAM could also extend the servers useful lifetime. The lower idle power consumption is another plus for the Skylake CPU, but maybe not enough to justify the onetime expense.